How to sew the suit for figure skating

How to sew the suit for figure skating

Production of the suit for driving on ice begins with music. The designer, having listened to music, does the sketch of future masterpiece. Further fabric selection process begins. Special materials, loads of material enormous are for this purpose used.

It is required to you

  • - sketch;
  • - fabric;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - sewing machine.


1. During the occupations and performances, figure skaters perform difficult gymnastic tricks which will be sustained not by any fabric. Knitwear stretches, woven material is torn. The most popular type of the fabric used for production of suits for figure skating is biflex. This material differs in high degree of resistance to information, perfectly stretches and immediately is returned to the initial state.

2. Begin with the bathing suit if you sew the women's suit. Because of feature of fabric, sew it one-two sizes less: he will sit as poured. Prepare the main pattern of the adjacent dress (cm the drawing). Plan the pattern for waistlines. Prepare the pattern of the narrow sleeve. Apply it on lines of the style.

3. Make the drawing of the back. Lay off four centimeters from the middle of the back down then to sew the lightning. Give the mark. Continue the line to the middle of the back on four centimeters up. Lay off one centimeter from the sprout in the area of the shoulder, from the point No. of 1 by three centimeter up. Connect point No. 3 smooth lines to point No. 4 and also to the line of the shoulder.

4. Lay off four centimeters from the armhole until the shoulder and four centimeters to the left. Transfer the line of the side seam to two centimeters to the right. Halve the waistline. From the point of division postpone for one and a half to the right and to the left - two centimeters. It is tuck depth. Put for yourself the end of T2 and T3.

5. Construct two equal teeth from the waistline. Halve the piece of T2. For this purpose lower the perpendicular line, the equal half of T2 line. Connect the end straight lines to the T3 point. By analogy construct also the second hem. Dredging through sewing of the skirt to the bodice has to correspond to the form and the size of the tooth.

6. Construct one wedge for the drawing of the pattern of the skirt. Find the others by analogy. Draw the vertical line down all length of the skirt. Carry out to the right and to the left horizontal lines on which postpone the wedge width equal to the width of the tooth increased by four.

7. Start the pattern of the front part of the suit. Put the middle before on three centimeters up (cm the drawing) and lay off one centimeter from point No. 3. Lay off the same distance in the area of the shoulder from the mouth.

8. Lay off from point No. 1 two and a half centimeters up to the right. It is necessary for creation of the stance. Connect the straight line to the lower point of the mouth point No. 1. Lay off four centimeters from the line of the shoulder. Determine depth of the chest tuck, put the Item end.

9. Transfer the line of the side seam to the right to two centimeters. Postpone from the line of the waist depth of the second tuck for two centimeters. Draw the line from the armhole to the point 2. Construct two equal teeth from the waistline (also, as on the back).

10. Fold fabric double with the bend in cross thread. Put the pattern as shown in the drawing. Find details. Sew the waste seam the bodice together with the lining. Pritochite pocket burlap from the wrong side. Sew the lightning behind, in the middle of the back. Grind off sleeves and hem the bottom.

11. Grind off skirt wedges, the razutyuzhta seams. Pritochite the slanting inlay two centimeters wide at distance of three centimeters from the skirt bottom. Embroider the skirt bottom over the inlay.

12. Sweep away the skirt with the bodice in the area of hems. Make notches in each corner of the wedge. Stitch from the wrong side the waste seam. Put the face of the lining with the person of top and the pristrochita on the skirt bottom. Turn off the lining inside out and attach to seams of wedges. Process the stance for suit top. Hem the lining to sleeves. Turn sleeves. Iron the iron.

13. It is a little simpler to sew the men's suit. Cut out the shirt on the Bodi type, record below buttons. Sew to trousers special straps or elastic bands for fixing of skates. The stand-up collar tselnokroyeny, the bodice - adjacent.

14. Sew the zipper on the back. Issue the bodice bottom in the form of hems. The breed skirt the flare consists their eight wedges. Trim the skirt bottom with the slanting inlay and the embroidery. Turn sleeves. They have to be slanting, loose fit for more comfortable movement.

15. Order tailoring of the suit for figure skating in studio. It is also possible to issue online the order for production of the suit ( You will only need to take measurements and to report them in the section "Order". Will contact you for specification of details in the nearest future. The made clothes are sent by the courier or get independently.

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