How to shake the neck

How to shake the neck

Vertebras which are in cervical department, more fragile, than all others. Therefore exercises on muscles of the neck have to be performed with the increased care. To avoid injuries, in the beginning work with small weightings or in general without them.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells;
  • - sports pancake.


1. Execute warm-up. Begin with circular motions with the head. Do bendings back and forth and to the left-to the right. Put serially the palm at first on the forehead, then on the nape, then on each temple. Slightly pressing on the head, continue turns and bendings. It is necessary to carry out warm-up not less than 10 minutes.

2. Lay down on the floor. Raise the lower body up. On the floor there have to be only the chest department of the backbone and the head. This situation is called the wrestler's bridge. You hold hands bent in elbows at the level of the breast. Carry out rolling from the nape on the forehead. I.e. as a result you have to get up on the bridge, resting against the floor the forehead and stupnyam. If you have the good physical training, then when performing this exercise pick up dumbbells. Do 3-4 approaches on 6-8 repetitions.

3. Rest the forehead and socks of legs against the floor. Bend hands in elbows, without concerning them the surface. Carry out rolling from the forehead on the occipital part. Do 3 approaches till 8-10 times. It is possible to pick up dumbbells.

4. Lay down on the bench across. Shoulders have to be on the surface, and the neck freely to move. Put on the nose bridge the dense towel, and from above it pancake weighing 2-3 kilograms. Hang the head back as low as possible. Record situation for five seconds. Then slowly lift until the chin touches the breast. Make 3 approaches on 10 times.

5. Perform exercises for the neck once in three-four days. Between approaches do the interval in the couple of minutes to allow muscles to relax. You don't seek to perform exercise with the big weight. Increase in weight of dumbbells is admissible only in the month of active trainings. After the training execute warm-up too.

6. During the occupations you monitor breath. Exercises for inflating of muscles of the neck can cause increase in arterial blood pressure. Try to strain not too strongly. It threatens with failure in the cardiovascular system. Once in two months arrange to yourself "unloading" week on which carry out only warm-up for neck muscles.

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