How to sit down on the forward split

How to sit down on the forward split

Performance of the split – one of indicators of good flexibility of the body. In the childhood many children carry out it easily, but over the years people lose this ability. If you have the desire to master the split, begin to carry out the small physical complex.

Before each training on the extension try to take the hot bath or the shower. If you have no such opportunity, smear legs with any cream with hot effect. Such approach will help muscles and ligaments it is easy to stretch, and after you won't have sensations of pain.

Preparation and extension

Stretching exercises will help to sit down within 2-3 months in the forward split even if at present it absolutely is impossible to you.

The chair with the back or any other high support is necessary for performance of the extension. Let's assume, you use the chair. Get up to it the left side, raise the leg of the same name and lower it the shin on the back, you watch that at the same time the sock was directed forward, but not up.

Raise hands, with the exhalation sideways bend to the left leg, at the same time try not to bend the knee. If you can't low bend, don't worry, daily trainings gradually will help you to become more flexible. During the extension you breathe quietly, try to relax muscles of the leg and the case as much as possible. You don't hurry to find quickly the way out, let's the leg stretch well. With the breath slowly become straight, carefully deliver to stop on the floor. Execute the extension on other leg. The following exercise is similar to previous. Get up facing the support, again raise the left leg, direct the sock up and pull on yourself, straighten the knee. At the exhalation of the hand extend before yourself, cross the case forward, trying to reach the breast as much as possible for the hip. You breathe quietly. When performing the extension you shouldn't feel severe pain if it begins to disturb you, locate the building further from the leg. You hold situation about 3 minutes. On the breath, without hurrying, become straight and lower the leg.


To execute the forward split at once it is possible not to turn out. It is connected with the fact that sheaves, muscles and joints aren't rather ready to similar situation. But to try to carry out the split it is necessary daily. Day after day this situation at you will turn out best of all and best of all. Get up on the right knee, extend the left leg forward, hands lean against the floor. You watch that the knee of the left leg was completely straightened, direct the sock to yourself. Slowly the groin fall closer to the floor. You don't bring to severe pains, the feeling of small discomfort is admissible, but no more. Hold such situation at first several seconds, but over and over again try to stay in it longer and longer. Try to carry out the forward split, interchanging the position of legs.

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