How to smear plastic skis

How to smear plastic skis

If you bought skis – it doesn't mean yet that you will slide on them on snow, like clockwork the knife. Plastic skis favourably differ from wooden. Skis from plastic slide better, but they also need lubricant.


1. For lubricant of plastic skis there are numerous ointments which increase sliding on snow and prevent slipping of skis at pushes legs.

2. All ski ointments are divided into 2 views – ointments of sliding or paraffin and ointments of deduction. The first allow to slide better on snow, and the second increase friction and don't allow skis to slip when you move on snow.

3. On consistence of ointment are divided into firm (for cold weather) and liquid (for warm weather). Fans use solid ointments, and professionals choose usually liquid.

4. Plastic skis usually grease with deduction ointments in the field of the boot binding because this type of skis possesses good sliding. Plastic skis grease with ointments for sliding seldom.

5. Rub with ointments of sliding the sock and the end of the ski, and deduction ointment the middle zone of skis. It for those who prefer the classical course. For ridge run of the ski rub with sliding ointments entirely. During the day temperature on the track can change therefore it is expedient to take ointments for temperature ranges next to each other. When slipping skis increase the zone of their lubricant, displacing it slightly forward. Ointment is enough for the interval from 5 to 10 km then it is necessary to smear skis anew.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team