How to store skis

How to store skis

The first spring thaw reminds fans of ski trips of preparation of apparatuses for summer storage. The long time is correct to store skis, it isn't difficult at all. All preparatory work can be performed in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • small skin;
  • varnish;
  • conservation lubricant;


1. Before preparatory work, wash up skis any detergent and dry far from heating devices.

2. Attentively examine skis from all directions, noting the scratches which developed during the winter, chips, places with the peeled-off varnish.

3. Smooth out all roughnesses the small skin. The surface has to become smooth and equal.

4. Impose 2-3 varnish coats on the damaged places. As a rule, it is the inside of skis which isn't adjoining to the surface of snow cover. Wait for full drying of varnish.

5. It is better to store skis under conservation lubricant. It is applied on the sliding surface of skis. The choice of lubricant depends on material of which skis are made. Impregnate wooden walking skis with hot pitch, trying to obtain the uniform covering of all roughnesses. Cover plastic skis with basic paraffin. If desired it is possible to increase thickness of the paraffin layer a little.

6. Now skis should be packed correctly. Wooden skis connect from two parties: at the bend of the nasal part and at the calcaneal end. Fasten skis with holders or just strong tie up the cord. Insert into the center of gravity the strut from the wooden bar not more thickly than 10 cm. It is protection against straightening of socks, changes of rigidity and twisting. Plastic skis don't get out of the shape, they don't need the strut, it is rather simple to connect since two ends for convenience of storage.

7. Pack skis into the cover made of cloth and remove them far away from sunshine. Otherwise protective lubricant will be oxidized and will damage the surface of skis. That is why for storage it is better to choose the utility room with the constant temperature, but not solar balconies.

8. You remember, the best situation for storage of skis – horizontal, with the support on three points. If there is no such opportunity, then suspend skis vertically. You watch that they didn't concern the floor. So skis won't get out of the shape and will please with the good course in the new ski season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team