How to straighten hands

How to straighten hands

All people different. Proceeding from this definition, it is possible to tell safely that the organism and each its separate element at all people are individual from any given point of view. At some the excessive bend of hands in the elbow joint is observed.

1. Such bend of hands in the majority is descended that speaks about feature of the structure of the humeral bone, in particular, of his lower epiphysis. Besides, hands also depend on degree of prolixity of muscles, so it can be corrected by means of exercises. Get up directly, straighten the back, and slightly extend the breast forward. Rest the left elbow against the edge of the breast in the field of the solar plexus so that the humeral bone passed through the left half of the breast. Unbend the brush back.

2. Put the palm of the right hand to the left hand where in the field of the brush the pulse is traditionally probed.

3. Do elastic pressings on the left hand so that you felt stretching of the elbow sinew. Do 25-30 such movements and be late on the last pressing. Hold the left hand in that provision of 10 seconds.

4. Slowly relax hands and stir up them. Now execute the same for the right hand.

5. Get up directly, relax shoulders. The left hand last aside in the direction parallel to the floor, at the same time at the same time pull fingers on yourself. Pull the hand within 8-10 seconds then slowly relax it.

6. Stir up the hand and do exercise by other hand then stir up also it.

7. You hang on the horizontal bar it is weakened and not movably seconds 15 every morning and evening and also after any loadings, whether it be power exercises or physical work. You hang on the horizontal bar, having clasped it with hands at distance of width of shoulders.

8. Take weights in both hands, get up directly and hold them in the lowered hands so long as far as it is possible for you. Have a rest the couple of minutes and perform this exercise 2-3 more times.

9. Regularly make these simple exercises and you remember that extension – process slow, it demands patience and rather long time for achievement of noticeable results.

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