How to straighten legs in house conditions

How to straighten legs in house conditions

Each woman with approach of the summer season wants to wear open skirts and shorts, showing beautiful and harmonious legs, but at the same time not everyone is happy with their appearance. Time of the leg are insufficiently harmonious, there aren't enough muskulist or are direct – but beauty of your legs depends only on you. You can make efforts for looking better than others, and by means of regular physical exercises for the certain period of time you will be able to improve the form and appearance of the legs.


1. For giving to legs of the beautiful form you have to perform regularly the exercises improving the relief of muscles, repeating each not less than ten times. To make the relief of muscles of the hip is more volume, pick up the heavy medicine ball, weight not exceeding 3-5 kg, and squat. From time to time have a rest for 20 seconds then continue to squat. In total make 10 squats.

2. To you the partner who has to press to you on shoulders of 10 seconds will help to do the following exercise while you stand on halfbent legs. Divide exercise into three parts, before each part have a rest 20 seconds.

3. Carry out jumps from the full squat on 5-6 times continuously up, repeating series of jumps several times with rest in 30 seconds.

4. Also driving the bicycle and occupations on the exercise bike will help to make hips beautiful to you. Within the minute rise uphill or increase exercise machine loading. Then have a rest.

5. To eliminate roughnesses of hips from the inside and to remove the gleam appearing between hips in the standing position it is possible, doing special exercises, lying on the back. Bend in the leg prone position in knees, part them in the parties and put on the floor.

6. On internal parts of hips put hands and connect knees, overcoming resistance of hands, on 6-8 times for the series. It is also useful to squeeze in the prone position knees the inflatable ball for 5-7 seconds, repeating exercise five the time in a row. Then try to squeeze the ball not knees, and stupnyam.

7. For giving of bigger relief to muscles of the shin, rise on toes, being kept by hands for the chair back. Serially rise on toes, standing at first on one leg, then on another. Also jumps will help to strengthen shin muscles to you up which need to be carried out, without bending the leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team