How to straighten the thorax

How to straighten the thorax

The stately figure isn't simply beautiful and draws attention - it speaks about great human health. If the shape of the thorax or back are far from the standard standards, and you have great desire to correspond to them - show persistence and patience, and the result will meet your expectations.


1. In time correct the hollow thorax, osankuodny from the reasons, foul of physiological bends of the backbone is. It usually is followed by the round-shouldered back. Methods of correction depend on age of the person and extent of deformation. If changes are insignificant and noticed at children's or teenage age, don't delay with correction of shortcomings. Good nutrition, active holiday in the fresh air and the hard bed will become the important condition of treatment. At young bone tissue and cartilages soft, muscles plastic therefore systematic performance of physical exercises and massage will result in positive result.

2. Use the integrated approach to the problemechtoba to straighten the thorax at the created person, use the concentrated study remedial gymnastics, exercises in water, swimming by breast stroke style and the adjusting massage.

3. Carry out medical to the gimnastikukroma of exercises of the all-strengthening character, pick up the special complex directed to return of the thorax to the correct position. Construct occupations so that the most part of exercises were the share of needle muscles - it will help to cramp shovels completely over time. And the movements stretching breast muscles will provide assignment of shoulders back. You give classes in correction of the muscular corset not less than 3 times a day in various poses: lying on the back, the stomach, being kneeling.

4. Exercises lying on the back also you zhivotelozhitsya on the plain surface, having bent legs in knees and having stretched hands. Lean the head and palms in the floor and you will strongly curve the thorax. Execute these movements of 5-8 times. Turn on the stomach, bend elbows and put one palm on another. Rest the head against palms, extend socks and connect heels. Raise the top part of the trunk, having stretched hands on the breath and not raising the chin. Repeat exercise of 6-10 times.

5. Costing exercises on the kolenyakhvstanta also raise hands over the head against knees, having turned palms forward. Straighten the back, extend the neck and very slowly, without hanging hands and the heads, bend on the exhalation forward. Relax back muscles when the breast touches knees. Lower hands and when palms to concern the floor – freely hang the head. Execute these movements of 4-8 times.

6. Prevent changes of the anatomic form chest kletkipravilno have the body: lying during rest, during walking, during the work sitting or standing. For example, during the sedentary work it isn't necessary to bind legs and to sit having bent. If you are forced to be long time behind the desktop, lean on the floor two feet and try to hold the back directly. Take each 45 minutes the break in work for removal of tension in back muscles. Lean against the wall all case, having slightly placed feet, and the postoyta several minutes. Such exercise will allow the body to get used to the correct posture.

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