How to strengthen buttocks

How to strengthen buttocks

Elastic buttocks can be pumped up by means of daily fitness classes. Modern sports clubs offer the huge list of trainings under the leadership of experienced instructors. If visit of special occupations is difficult to you, begin to perform exercises in house conditions and in several weeks your buttocks will become tightened and beautiful.


1. Get up directly, feet place at distance 30 cm from each other, bend hands in elbows and press them to sides. With the exhalation sit down, having arranged the hip parallel to the floor, be late in such situation for 3 seconds. You watch that the angle in knees at the same time wasn't acute. On the breath become straight. Perform exercise of 25 times.

2. Approach the right side the wall, the right hand adhere for the surface, pull the sock of the left leg on yourself. With the exhalation take away the left leg as much as possible back, on the breath return it to the home position. Do exercise of 25 times. Then repeat load of the right leg.

3. Kneel, rest socks against the floor, palms arrange on the waist. With the exhalation sit down a little, feel how hips and buttocks strained. On the breath return to the initial position. Execute 20 squats.

4. Being kneeling, lower palms on the floor, take away the right leg back and arrange it parallel to the floor. With the exhalation make the maximum swing up, on the breath lower the leg in former situation. Perform exercise of 30 times, then repeat it the left leg.

5. Don't change the home position. Slowly move the right leg precisely aside and you keep it in such situation as above over the floor is possible. You can regulate time of fixing, the physical training is better, the longer you will be able to hold the leg on weight. At return to the home position, the right leg slowly you take away back not to injure the hip joint. Perform exercise by the left leg.

6. Lay down on the stomach, extend hands along the body, send the sock of the right leg to the party. On the breath strain the right leg and raise it over the floor approximately by 5-7 cm. With the exhalation lower the leg on the surface. Execute 20 rises, then repeat exercise by the left leg.

7. Lay down on the back, put hands along the body, bend knees and place feet near buttocks. With the exhalation slowly lift the basin highly up, on the breath lower it on the floor. Repeat exercise 20 times. Have a little a rest, then complicate performance. Having lifted the basin on the exhalation, direct the right leg up. Hold such situation not less than 20 seconds, you breathe quietly. On the breath fall by the floor. Repeat exercise by other leg. If you carry out this option of exercise easily, add to deduction of the leg also the springing movements by the basin up-down. In case you begin to feel pain in knee joints, place feet at bigger distance from buttocks.

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