How to strengthen sheaves

How to strengthen sheaves

Many people, especially elderly, receive ligament injuries. These injuries can be avoided if to carry out complex strengthening of ligaments and sinews. We will prompt to you as you can strengthen sheaves in order that legs and hands didn't bring you also in old age.

1. For strengthening of sheaves you carry out the all-strengthening exercises and special exercises directed to strengthening of separate sheaves.

2. For strengthening of ligaments of hands, perform the general exercises with use of the expander and dumbbells. Do chin-ups, do the handstand, be wrung out from the floor. All these exercises strengthen the fortress of connection of sinews with the periosteum and help to strengthen transition: muscle sinew.

3. Sinews and ligaments of the lower extremities strengthen by means of squats. Jump with the jump rope, you go on tiptoe, be engaged in swimming.

4. Daily perform the following special exercises. Become about the wall and lean in it hands. Be removed on the greatest possible distance so that your heel still could touch the floor. Strongly lean the heel in the floor. Duration of one approach from 0.5 to 1.5 minutes. Such approaches has to be 2-3 for each leg during the day. Become two legs on the floor and lean the shin on any subject. Strongly press in the floor toes. Approach duration same, as in the previous exercise: from 0.5 to 1.5 minutes. Rise on foot, stretching dense elastic rubber. Hold rubber in such situation within 10 - 30 seconds. Further, perform exercise, standing on one leg. Strike an attitude in wide ""scissors"", and hold such situation within 0.5 - 1.5 minutes. Pay attention: your shoulders have to be cramped back, and the basin is pushed forward. In process of preparation perform exercise it is possible with the signature stamp from the post from 30 to 60 kg lying on shoulders. At the same time time of performance of exercise has to be reduced up to 30 seconds. If you regularly carry out, at least two of above-mentioned exercises, you will forget about problems with sheaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team