How to strengthen the internal part of the hip

How to strengthen the internal part of the hip

On the internal part of the hip fat the easiest collects and the elasticity of muscles is lost. And at the au-shaped shape of legs the gleam between hips which can be reduced performance of special gymnastics is formed. Will strengthen the internal part of the hip of exercise for the bringing muscles of legs.

1. Begin with the general warm-up to warm muscles and to prepare them for loading. You can jump within 5 minutes on the jump rope, run about on the place or twist exercise bike pedals.

2. Put legs more widely than shoulders. Part socks in the parties by 45 degrees. Clasp the right brush left and extend hands before yourself. Smoothly sit down, keeping direct position of the back. Squat to parallel position of hips in relation to the floor. On the exhalation become straight, having unbent knees. Perform exercise of 8 times at slow pace and 8 times – in fast. Then make 8 squats with the incomplete range (when rising the knees are unbent not completely). Have a rest 2-3 minutes and repeat the complex of squats anew.

3. Receive nominative as in the first exercise. Tear off the right heel from the floor and lean on the sock. It will increase load of the right leg. Repeat the complex given above for the right leg, then - for left.

4. Lay down on the right side. The right forearm lean against the floor. Bend the left leg and put before yourself. Clasp the left foot with the left hand. Raise the right leg up, trying to tear off as much as possible from the floor, and lower. Make 8-16 repetitions at slow pace and 8-16 – in fast. Lay down on other party and change legs. Repeat exercise 3 times for each leg.

5. At the end of occupation make the extension. The extension will increase elasticity of muscles and will help to be restored quicker after loadings. Sit down on the floor. Part legs as it is possible more widely. Stretch hands up, straighten the back. On the exhalation bend to the right leg and be late for 8 seconds. Again become straight and stretch to the left leg within 8 seconds. Then bend forward and try to relax as much as possible. Ideally you have to touch by the breast and the stomach of the floor. It is impossible to reach hands the floor? Don't despair. Last every day, and in three months of occupations your flexibility will significantly improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team