How to strengthen the internal surface of the hip

How to strengthen the internal surface of the hip

Sometimes the internal part of hips at women looks flabby and swum away fat. Power exercises will help to strengthen this area. Trainings need to be held regularly and in good mood.


1. Get up directly, part legs on width of shoulders, send socks to the parties, arms on hips. With the exhalation sit down so on how many the extension allows. On the breath get up. Make 15 – 20 squats.

2. Sit down on the floor, cross legs in Turkish, put palms on knees. With the exhalation press on knees, along with it try to connect legs. That is you will make two opposite actions at the same time, holding tension in hands and legs. In 20 seconds relax, then repeat exercise of 9 more times.

3. Lay down on the left side, lean on the elbow, put the right hand before yourself. Bend the right leg in the knee, deliver to stop before the left hip. With the exhalation raise the left leg up, direct the sock to yourself. Do rockings up – down not less than 50 seconds. Repeat exercise on the right leg.

4. Lay down on the back, bend legs in knees, place between them the ball. With the exhalation press knees on the ball. Keep tension within 10 seconds, then relax. Make 9 more repetitions.

5. Lying on the back, raise straight legs up, put hands along the body. On the breath part legs in the parties, with the exhalation reduce them together. Do exercise 1 minute. Then part legs and 40 – 50 seconds do by them rockings up – down. You pass to the following exercise at once: imitate scissors, that is you part legs in the parties, then you reduce them, crossing in hips. Perform exercise 2 minutes.

6. Don't change the home position. On the breath take aside the right leg, try to concern it the floor. With the exhalation cramp legs together. With the following breath take aside the left leg. Make 20 repetitions each leg.

7. Get up directly, part legs most widely in the parties, lower hands along the body. With the exhalation incline the case down, deliver to the palm before yourself. Continue to part legs in the parties, straining at the same time the internal surface of hips. Perform exercise 1 minute. Then, leaning on palms, cramp legs gradually together. On the breath lift the case through the roundish back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team