How to stretch back muscles

How to stretch back muscles

The backbone and muscles of the back during the day are constantly loaded, especially during the long static work and at the raising of weights. Excessive load of muscles of the back can lead to muscular spasms and diseases of the backbone. Their extension after the trainings or at the end of the working day will help you to avoid serious problems with health.


1. Receive nominative standing, legs shoulder width apart. On the breath raise hands up, reach for hands. On the exhalation bend down and try to get floor palms. When performing bending you hold the back directly, you look directly before yourself, pull hands forward, palms are parallel each other. If you can't get floor hands, slightly bend knees. Hang the head down and weaken. Make 2-3 quiet breath and the exhalation. Then round the back and "the vertebra behind the vertebra" be smoothly straightened up. Straighten shoulders and repeat exercise two more times.

2. Nominative – standing, arms on hips. On the breath raise the right hand up and bend to the left. Try to keep step with the hand up, feeling as side muscles of the trunk stretch. Make 2-3 respiratory cycles. Return to nominative and bend to the right, the left hand above. Only three repetitions.

3. Sit down on the floor. Legs together, back direct. On the breath raise hands up and reach for hands. On the exhalation bend forward, trying to touch by the forehead of knees, and hands to reach feet. Be late in this situation for 8 seconds, then smoothly become straight. Repeat 2-4 times.

4. Lay down on the back and bend legs in knees. Tighten hips to the stomach. Clasp hips with hands and pull to yourself. Feel how the area of the waist stretches. Straighten legs, raise hands up and connect palms. Lie down on the floor two minutes in the extended state. Press the waist to the floor. Perform exercise three times.

5. Nominative – lying on the back, hands in the parties. Bend the right leg in the knee and pull the knee to the left. Don't tear off shoulders from the floor. The knee reach for the floor. Turn the head to the right. Remain in this situation eight seconds, then return to nominative. On the breath bend the left leg in the knee and pull the knee to the right, turn the head to the left. Stretch eight seconds.

6. Finish the training exercise on the relaxation within five minutes. Lying on the back, close eyes and focus on feelings of the body. Send mentally the relaxation wave to that part of the body which is excessively strained. Try to achieve full relaxation of all muscles of the body.

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