How to stretch out?"

How to stretch out?"

you decide to learn to do a twine? Great! But do not take in head to take and sit down here and so at once. No way! Even do not hope that at you it will turn out, you will only pull sheaves and do much harm to yourself. The twine demands trainings. Your muscles have to be well kneaded and stretched that it turned out easily and easy. For this purpose time is necessary.

If someone told you that he stretched out in a week it does not mean what at you will turn out also. That how many will last your preparation depends on your physiological indicators and age. But nevertheless you need to remember one basic rule: muscles first of all have to be warmed, then they become obedient. It is necessary to do warm-up.

So we will start exercises:

The first exercise.

Get up so that weight was transferred to one leg, and try to lift the second as it is possible above. As it is sharp and at what speed to carry out this exercise to solve to you, depending on your feelings. If suddenly to you it becomes bad, simple take rest, and then continue having a little reduced speed. Serially change legs. Knees have to be not bent, and a back hold equal.

The second exercise.

It is a little more difficult previous. Throw a leg on some surface at the level of a waist. And now bend hands to a floor. Change legs in process. It can seem difficult exercise first, but it very effective and already through several occupations you will notice the progress.

The third exercise.

It exercises for certain the most popular. It is most widespread among beginners as they try to stretch out from the first. Just try to stretch out as low as possible. But be not overzealous. It is necessary to stop as soon as you feel that your muscles are rather strongly tense.

It is necessary to carry out this set of exercises three times a week. In several weeks the result will have an effect. And still after a while you are surprised, it is how easy to stretch out to you and as your extension improved.

Nevertheless there are some contraindications for these exercises. They cannot be carried out that who has diseases of a backbone or a basin. Generally if you have any chronic diseases or in general problems with health consult the doctor concerning these exercises.

Be not upset if after the first days you have a slight delayed onset muscle soreness. The organism needs to get used to trainings. Do not throw the main thing and you will surely achieve effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team