How to submit the command

How to submit the command

Now on sports arena professional and not only teams qualities of their coaches and leaders are very important. At the first stage there is, of course, the ability to present to public opinion the collective. Some skills and actions are necessary for the solution of this task.

It is required to you

  • - Name of team;
  • - motto;
  • - skills of oratory.


1. Define the way of acquaintance of spectators to your sports collective. Irrespective of where and as the new command is submitted – on the Internet or before competitions, the opening speech has the standard form, for example: "Good afternoon to all participants of competitions!"

2. Choose in advance the team leader who also will present it to public. You or any other participant can become him. The main thing the fact that very charismatic person – the one who by right can be considered the captain or the leader has to be it. Also it should have oratorical skills.

3. Make sure thatMake sure that the team leader knows each participant of collective by sight and by name, and let it will loudly present all according to the list before the competition. It needs to be made in advance in alphabetical order. Report the place of study or work of this sports collective. Usually it to be said at once after announcement of the list of participants.

4. Think up the sonorous and memorable name of your team. It is worth taking part in the composition of the name to all her members: that it was pleasant and didn't cause negative reactions. The team captain says it on public loudly and accurately.

5. Create the unusual and interesting motto or the slogan for your sports collective. It has to display victorious spirit and to serve as the warning to the opponent that it is better not to contact such team. All team members can cry out this slogan at the same time. It will set the excellent spirit!

6. Make the emblem for your team. It should correspond to the chosen motto, to express invincibility and unity of collective. It will become excellent addition to color of competitive spirit. Having submitted thus the command, it is possible to expect its success in competitions and the subsequent progress safely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team