How to swing hip muscles

How to swing hip muscles

The condition of muscles of hips occupies minds of many women and men. To have the tightened and harmonious legs - it is fine. And to achieve desirable result, it is necessary to be engaged carefully and persistently in physical exercises. And those which are directed to strengthening of muscles of the hip.

It is required to you

  • - cargo (dumbbells, book and other options)


1. As the hip has the whole four muscles, for the general strengthening it is necessary to pump over each of them separately. So, for example, one of exercises on strengthening of the back surface of the hip looks as follows. The home position - lying on the floor on the stomach. Legs need to be fixed by any subject which will cause sufficient draft back, for example, the special gymnastic elastic band which is attached so that constantly will pull legs back. Further together bend both legs as it is possible closer to the basin. Your purpose when performing such exercise - overcoming gravity at the expense of what the effect of pumping will be reached.

2. You carry out also rather effective pumping of the hip if you tie cargo to the leg. Face the wall or some other emphasis. The essence of exercise is that you face directly the obstacle, one leg on the floor, and the second (that that with cargo) you take away back. Then accurately you come back to the home position. After the necessary number of repetitions of the leg change.

3. Strengthen the front part of the hip with the help of the known exercise to all - squats. - costing the home position exactly (it is possible at any support). Slowly begin to squat and also to come back accurately in the home position. If you add also strength elements, for example, the post or dumbbells to hands, exercise will be more effective. However it is necessary to do it only if you are already rather prepared to it by loadings. Otherwise you can do yourself only harm.

4. Also it is possible to swing the front part of the hip and lying on the floor. Take some cargo (to they can serve even rather volume book), lay down on the back, extend legs perpendicular to the floor, put cargo on the foot and begin to bend slowly legs in knees. Then unbend back.

5. Do lunges forward, using at the same time cargo in hands. - costing the home position exactly, legs have to be located strictly on heel width. Put cargo on shoulders, for example, lower on them hands with dumbbells. Now begin "to walk" forward serially each leg. The step has to be such that the leg was bent in the knee in the right angle. Come back to the home position.

6. The exercise similar to squat will help to pump over the internal part of the hip to you. However the way of its performance differs a little. Get up, having widely placed legs from each other, the foot have to look in the parties too. Take cargo and take away it for the head on shoulders. Begin to squat.

7. The external part of the hip receives the portion of strengthening from performance of all these types of exercises as load of it is placed when performing any training.

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