How to swing muscles without post

How to swing muscles without post

Many women and men are dissatisfied with the physical shape. But for any reasons (lack of time, means, etc.) they aren't able to afford visit of fitness clubs and gyms. Nevertheless passionately wish to pump up muscles and to get the good figure and the beautiful body. There are various exercises which aren't demanding use of sports equipment, in particular posts which it is possible to carry out houses. Be engaged about 1 hour every day. Having become more attractive is also more hardy, you will be is proud of himself.

It is required to you

  • - gymnastic rug;
  • - horizontal bar or horizontal bar;
  • - weighting (the backpack with books).


1. Do push-ups. Home position: straight arm support. Hold the head on the line of the backbone, don't lower and don't lift up it. Place hands a little more widely than shoulders. Smoothly fall to the lower position on the breath. On the exhalation squeeze out (lift) yourself. Then again fall. It isn't necessary to straighten up to the end elbows, leave them a little bent. You remember, body weight has to rise hands. The stomach, hips and knees shouldn't be involved. Begin with 3 approaches on 5 times. Gradually increasing loading, be engaged to full fatigue. It is better to perform this exercise on the clenched fists. After several trainings you can add weighting (the backpack on the back). Practically all muscles of the body take part in push-ups, and tricepses and pectoral muscles "are the soloist". If it is difficult to you to be wrung out from the floor in the classical way, try such simplified types of these exercise as push-up from knees, from the bench or from the wall.

2. Use the horizontal bar for pullings up. The home position on the horizontal bar or the horizontal bar: hands shoulder width apart palms to. Rise on the breath and fall on the exhalation. Be tightened 3-5 times (you remember, it is necessary to be tightened until when the chin appears high bars) and change the arm position. Now the horizontal bar should be clasped so that fingers appeared from above. At such grip be tightened, leaving the horizontal bar behind the head. Perform exercise also 3-5 times. Begin new repetition, without straightening hands. Move smoothly and evenly. Haven't a rest. After several trainings you can add burdening and increase width of the grip. Pullings up favorably influence muscles of the back, hands and the prelum abdominale.

3. Get the gymnastic rug and develop press muscles. The easiest and effective way is the raising of the case. Home position: lying on the back, hands behind the head, elbows are divorced in the parties, legs on the floor, knees are bent. Try not to lower the chin to the breast. You look before yourself. On the breath smoothly raise the head, the neck and shoulders. The neck is relaxed, and the lower back has to contact to the floor while you rise. When the corner between the back and the floor is about 30 degrees, be late for 2 seconds and on the exhalation slowly return to the home position. You do everything correctly if constantly you feel reduction of muscles of the press. Carry out 2 approaches till 7-10 of repetitions. Further gradually increase loading up to 3 approaches on 20 repetitions.

4. Carry out squats. Home position: standing, the back direct, hands are extended forward, legs shoulder width apart. Squat, leaning on all foot, thus you will force to work muscles of the shin and the hip. Still you can develop knees outside of and from this situation to squat, then you involve muscles of the internal surface of hips. Begin with 3 approaches till 10-15 of squats. Then increase this indicator up to 100 squats in 5-7 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team