How to swing the gluteus

How to swing the gluteus

Elastic strong buttocks attract the persons of the opposite sex delighted views. That the lower back was in good shape, it is necessary to train constantly gluteuses.


1. Lay down on the back, hands arrange along the body palms down. Bend legs, stupnyam rest against the floor. Slowly raise hips, at the same time shoulders, forearms and the head have to remain pressed to the floor. Bend the waist and strain gluteuses. Be late in it situation for several seconds. Repeat exercise of 7 - 10 times.

2. Rise and lean against the chair back. You hold the back exactly. On the breath slowly take away the right leg as much as possible back up. Record this situation for 10 seconds. And on the exhalation return to the home position. Then change the leg. Carry out 20 repetitions, alternating legs. This exercise also helps to get rid of cellulitis.

3. Lay down on the stomach, you hold legs together, bend them in knees. Cross hands before yourself and rest against them the chin. As much as possible strain muscles of buttocks, legs and the stomach. Slowly raise both knees, then also slowly lower knees on the floor. Begin to perform this exercise from 4 repetitions and bring to 25. Such exercise is also useful for muscles of the back and shoulders.

4. Sit down on the floor, cross hands on the nape, slightly part legs in the parties. You hold the back directly. Within the minute, working buttocks, advance one, other leg, gradually increasing movement speed.

5. Get up, place legs on width of shoulders, extend hands before yourself. Without tearing off heels from the floor, make about 20 squats. It is important that the back remained the straight line.

6. Sit down on the chair, the foot press to the floor, tuck the stomach in, and put hands on knees. Raise legs a little and strain gluteuses. Bend forward and touch by the breast hips. Hang the head, make the deep breath. Then raise the head and slowly on the exhalation become straight. You hold the back exactly. Such exercise can be performed, for example, in the lunch break in the workplace.

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