How to swing the press

How to swing the press

Most of the people seeking to reach the ideal figure devote the most part of trainings to exercises for the flat stomach. It is possible to swing the press and in house conditions. The main thing is to pick up exercises correctly.


1. Be prepared for the training and stretch muscles a little. For this purpose lay down on the back, bend legs in knees, put feet on the floor exactly, get hands for the head. Within several minutes take quiet breaths and exhalations.

2. Remaining in the same situation, begin raising of the case. Slowly lift the top part of the trunk up and forward, without tearing off the waist from the floor. At the same time direct elbows to knees. Having held on in such situation several moments, slowly fall. Don't try to do exercise breakthrough - it is so possible to injure the back.

3. Part legs a little more widely and begin the second exercise. Lift the case as in the first task, but at the same time direct elbows alternately to right, to the left knee. During performance of exercise you breathe quietly. Exhale when raising the body, inhale – falling.

4. Lying on the back, part the foot on width of foot, extend hands along the body. Raising the body, extend hands forward. Complicate this exercise, reaching the right hand the left knee, left – to right.

5. Part hands in the parties and put palms on the floor. Cramp legs together and leave in halfbent situation. Raise legs up at right angle and incline them in the parties, growing old to reach the floor, but, without tearing off the palm. This exercise helps to train oblique muscles of the stomach.

6. Put hands along the body, slightly bend legs in knees. Without tearing off the waist, raise the basin up, then - lower. After that, without tearing off from the floor of the shovel and the buttock, bend the waist.

7. Connect hands behind the head, leave legs bent in knees. Raise at the same time legs and the top part of the trunk, trying to touch by elbows of knees.

8. Begin exercises on the press with only several repetitions and gradually finish their number till 15-20. If at you from the first it turns out to execute the bigger number of repetitions, so you do exercise incorrectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team