How to swing the press in house conditions

How to swing the press in house conditions

To correct the figure, it is possible to swing the press in house conditions. At the correct approach to exercises already two-three months later the positive result will be noticeable.

Each person wants to have the beautiful figure. But to look beautiful, it is necessary to look after the body constantly. It concerns not only hygienic procedures, but also food, exercise stresses.

Exercises on the press adjust the figure

The most part of modern people suffers from the excess weight and existence of the stomach. This investigation of the inactive lifestyle and improper feeding. To gather in the stomach together with fat deposits, it is possible to use means, available to all, – to swing the press. It is important that it is possible to do exercises on the press in house conditions, independently choosing time of trainings.

In any kind of human activity there is the certain set of rules, observing which it is possible to guarantee achievement of success. It concerns also work with press muscles. The basic rules which will help to benefit at most from exercises on the press in house conditions are given below.

Basic rules

Breath. Very important during exercises at loadings to take the breath, and at relaxation – the exhalation. The number of instructors on fitness recommend to exhale quickly and vigorously. According to them, it helps to get rid quicker of the fat layer on the stomach. Right place. You will choose the convenient location for occupations. The optimal variant – the equal rigid floor on which the rubber rug is put. Don't try to swing the press on the sofa and on the bed at all. Quite often in such cases there are injuries. Time of trainings. The most optimal variant is to be engaged in press muscles in the mornings. Trainings have to take place on the hungry stomach. If there is no opportunity to be engaged in the morning, it is possible to hold the training in the evening, but 2.5 hours later after the dinner. Uniform loadings. You don't chase records at all. In the first two weeks of the muscle will get used to the operating mode therefore perform exercises before emergence of feeling of slight pain in muscles. It is important to remember that if pains don't come, so there is no load of muscles or they at you are good are developed. Psychological spirit. During the occupations don't think of anything foreign. Concentrate on press muscles, the feelings, breath. It will help to achieve good results for shorter term. Warm-up and hitch. Before each occupation do warm-up to warm muscles. Upon termination of the training quietly lie down on the floor, stretch. It will help to be restored and not to injure muscles quicker. At the moment there is the number of the exercises directed to pumping of muscles of the top, lower, side press. It and leg raise up to 90 degrees with the subsequent lowering, both lifting/lowering of the trunk and "bicycle", and twisting when raising the trunk, and cultivation in sides of the legs raised by 15-20 centimeters from the floor … Exercises exists much. It is important correct to carry out them, observing the direct bearing. Trainings should be held every other day to give the chance to have a rest to muscles. Only several months later it is possible to increase the number of occupations in the week cycle. First there are enough three trainings.

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