How to swing the press on the board for the press

How to swing the press on the board for the press

Development of muscles of the press – one of main objectives of visitors of gym. Effectively it is possible to swing the press on the special board at which it is possible to change the tilt angle, reducing or increasing loading degree. Such board won't take a lot of place, but will allow to be engaged independently at home.


1. Establish the board for the press at any angle. Consider that the more abruptly the board tilt angle, the more actively is studied lumbar area. Begin occupations on strengthenings of muscles of the press with 20 repetitions of each exercise. Every day add on one additional repetition. That is in the second training perform each exercise already 21 times. Bring the number of repetitions at least to 35. Carry out the greatest loading on the breath, and on the exhalation relax and come back to the home position. Perform exercises whenever possible smoothly, without breakthroughs.

2. Receive the home position. Lay down on the board, the foot record belts or place under the special horizontal bar. Link hands behind the head, part elbows in the parties, slightly bend knees. Carry out raising of the trunk. You watch that the waist was densely pressed to the board. Then do twisting – tighten the top part of the trunk serially to the right knee, to left.

3. Lay down on the board sideways to do side twisting. The upper body above the waist has to play for the edge of the bench. Do flexion movements in the waist up and down. Such exercise perfectly forms the waist, does the camp to more harmonious. Then carry out twisting with turn. Repeat exercises on other side.

4. Turn over on the back, hands you hold the board. Raise legs, bending them in knees during rise. Then slowly lower and straighten legs.

5. Lay down on the board the head down. Record legs and begin to lift the case. When it is perpendicular to hips, round the back, as much as possible straining stomach muscles. Record the pose for couple of seconds, and then slowly fall. But don't touch by the bench back, you are kept in suspense.

6. Sit down on the edge of the bench. Holding hands the board, lean back a little back. Bend legs in knees and slowly bring up them to the breast. Then straighten legs and extend them before yourself. Return to initial situation.

7. Refuse food whenever possible for 2 hours after the training. It is possible to have a bite in half an hour after classes apple or banana.

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