How to take away ears on sides

How to take away ears on sides

Even at young and slender girls it is possible to see excessive fat deposits on the waist. Notorious ears on sides cause many problems as quite difficult give in to adjustment. The integrated approach to their elimination will help to achieve the objective as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - hoop;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - cosmetic clay;
  • - aromatic oils.


1. Begin with aerobic trainings. Run in the mornings, occupations on the exercise bike, walking on the racetrack – you can choose any kind of occupations. The main condition – work in the fat-burning mode. Only in this case process of combustion of fats and strengthening of metabolism is started. Until you grow thin, it is senseless to swing the press in the intensive mode as as a result you receive strong muscles under the same layer of fat.

2. Perform exercises on the waist and oblique muscles of the stomach. If you have this zone rather weak, you shouldn't look for difficult complexes, begin with classics. You twist houses the abuse-hup (hoop) not less than 30 minutes. Do side twisting, turns of the case and trunk bendings to the opposite leg. Besides, very effectively following exercise. Take in each hand of the dumbbell weighing 1-2 kg. Get up directly, lower hands along the body and begin to carry out bendings to the right and to the left, reaching the dumbbell the knee. The body has to be in one plane, and bending to happen in the zone of sides. Perform all exercises at fast pace with the large number of repetitions.

3. Reconsider the power supply system. You shouldn't claim that you and so eat a little. Anyway, "ears on sides" is the excess fat. Therefore, you still consume more calories, than spend, and create thereby fat stocks.

4. In addition to sport and the balanced diet add cosmetic procedures. In house conditions do wrappings with pharmaceutical clay and seaweed. Daily after the shower rub base almond oil with addition of several drops of essential oil of sweet orange. Quite good effect also vacuum professional massage has.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team