How to take away ""father's ears"

How to take away ""father's ears"

"Popina ears", "riding breeches", "rollers" – so call fat deposits on buttocks. They look unattractively therefore it is necessary to fight with them by means of physical exercises and massage.

  • - silicone banks for massage;
  • - nutritious cream.

1. Get up facing the wall, rest against it hands and slowly take aside the left leg against the stop. In this situation be late for several seconds, then return to the initial position. Perform exercise by the right leg. Each leg needs to be made 10-15 swings.

2. Get up on all fours, you hold the back parallel to the floor. The left leg take aside and lift as it is possible above, return to the home position. Make 20 swings, then change the leg and execute the same number of repetitions.

3. Lay down sideways, you hold legs directly, pull feet on yourself. From this situation raise the upper leg by 30 centimeters, be late so for 5-6 seconds and return to the initial position. Make 15-20 swings, then lay down on other side and repeat exercise by other leg.

4. Get up directly, put legs together, extend hands forward. Now slowly you sit down at right angle as if on the chair. Be late in this situation for 5 seconds and slowly get up. Repeat exercise of 20 times.

5. Get up directly, place legs on width of shoulders and the polusognita, put hands on hips. Strain buttocks and carry out sideward swings the halfbent left leg. Having made 20 times, change the leg.

6. Get up directly, move apart legs on width of shoulders and slightly bend them in knees. Begin to walk with the right leg. Taking the step, raise each leg as it is possible above, at the same time tuck the stomach in and strain the back. Take 30 steps, then have a rest half-minute and repeat exercise as much time.

7. To reduce "father's ears", 3-4 times a week do can massage. For this purpose grease the problem zone with cream and put on it the silicone can. Now squeeze it so that in it skin was pulled in. Then begin to do by the can the fluent spiral movements. When skin reddens and there will be the feeling of burning, massage needs to be finished.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team