How to take away hips after the delivery

How to take away hips after the delivery

There is the category of women who consider that pregnancy spoils the figure. Therefore don't make up the mind to such step. It is actually possible to see many happy mothers who are in peak form. Just you shouldn't be lazy. It is necessary to work constantly on itself and the forms. Then excess weight won't spoil your mood. To get rid of extra kilos after the delivery not so difficult, it is only necessary to make a few efforts.


1. hipsafter the deliveryIt is possible to remove excess fat with by means of regular physical exercises. Their performance will strengthen the corresponding muscles. Do several times a day till 10-20 times everyone (depending on that, what is the time on it you will afford).

2. Exercises for strengthening of muscles of hips: - get up directly, legs shoulder width apart, hands in the parties. Serially remove each leg on Kosaya liniya back. At the same time don't bend the back in lumbar department and don't bend; - get up directly on one knee, leaning against the floor straight arms. Take aside, then up the extended leg. Too most do with other leg; - lay down on the stomach, enclose hands palms under the head. Raise the right leg back-up, then take away it to the right. Return to the home position. Do most with the left leg too. Don't cave in in the waist; - lay down on the left side, the head rests against the bent left elbow, right leans before itself. Raise the straightened right leg up, lower it down, then take away it back and return to the home position. Do most with other leg too.

3. Besides traditional exercises you can take away hips by means of yoga, Pilates, the bodiflex. By the way, bodiflex is very effective way of disposal of extra kilos without diets (the main thing - is correct to breathe when performing the same exercises). In day only 30 minutes are spent for occupations.

4. You aren't lazy to walk with the kid two hours a day. Usual walking will only give to your hips of symmetry.

5. Combine physical exercises with hydrotherapeutic procedures: swimming, alternating douche. It is useful to pound during acceptance of the bathtub the special bast the problem zone of hips within 15-20 minutes, and after to rinse them with cool water. The effect improves if you use the massage shower.

6. Well, and the basis of beautiful hips is the healthy nutrition. Don't overload the menu fat, fried, sweet, baked (if you nurse the kid).

7. If you follow all listed rules, then will notice how your hips in the month to return the former form.

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