How to take away the drooped skin on hands

How to take away the drooped skin on hands

All want to remain longer young and beautiful. There is the set of techniques for maintenance of the body in shape and programs for correction of weight. Most often people who sharply and strongly lost weight for short term face the drooped skin of hands, their skin it is simple "didn't manage" to adapt to new proportions. The second reason – age. Of course, the drooped skin of hands – the problem not from pleasant, especially as the way of its decision, as a rule, only one – plastic surgery.


1. It is possible to try to get rid of easy sagging of skin (flabbiness) by means of physical exercises. Push-ups, work with dumbbells or other special devices can restore the tone of muscles and partially tighten skin. It is necessary to hold trainings regularly, gradually increasing loading. Young skin is more elastic and easier recovers the tone. With age the flabbiness and saggings of skin of hands are almost irreversible. It is impossible to get rid of them by usual non-invasive methods.

2. In the complex with physical exercises the special means for the body doing skin more elastic and dense in addition are required. Grindings, bathtubs with the oils helping skin to get rid of the bugristost and to become more elastic are recommended. The alternating douche and douches strengthen skin too. Massage improves blood circulation and can some extent help skin to get the tone. But you shouldn't expect fast and ideal result.

3. In hard cases address the plastic surgeon for carrying out the brakhioplastika. It is the operational method of correction. During operation, surplus of the drooped skin are removed (or are simply cut off). Generally operation is appointed when further weight reduction isn't planned for future period. The cut becomes from the axillary hollow and to the elbow bend from the inside of the surface of the hand. Further all surplus of fat and leather is excised. After such operation there are traces though over time scars and become more pale. Postoperative recovery period rather small. Seams are removed in two weeks, wear compression linen one month, in one and a half-two months exercise stresses and sports activities are already resolved. The brakhioplastika has the number of contraindications: oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of respiratory tracts and excessive perspiration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team