How to take care with an expander of a butterfly"

How to take care with an expander of a butterfly"

Expander the butterfly is the exercise machine intended for a training of muscles of hands, legs, a back, a press and even a breast in house conditions. It can be got in any shop of sport stock. The main thing is the nobility as it is correct to use this device. We will also talk about it.

Merits and demerits of occupations with an expander

Advantages of this shell are:

  • small weight;
  • simplicity and compactness of a design;
  • low price;
  • increase in a muscular tone of hands, buttocks, breasts and backs.

From shortcomings It should be noted:

  • study only of certain group of muscles;
  • rather frequent breakages;
  • possible negative consequences of operation in the form of callosities and painful feelings.

Set of exercises

Depending on what group of muscles needs to be improved, there is a number of exercises excellent from each other. It is important to pick up a complex so that it is reasonable to distribute load of all parts of a body.

Important! Begin with small loadings and increase them gradually.

For legs, hips and buttocks

Hips and buttocks train as follows:

  1. Sit down on a stool, having bent legs at right angle with the feet set against a floor. The expander has to open up. Knees reduce, trying to press most densely them to each other then smoothly part in a starting position. A direct back, the stomach is pulled in. The amount of data can vary from 30 to 50. The number of approaches — 2.
  2. Sitting on a floor, set feet against a wall (or other firm support) at the knees divorced in the parties. The butterfly opens up. Squeeze a shell femoral muscles on an exhalation (a breath — relaxation). A direct back, press a chin to a neck. The number of repetitions — 30-40 times. The number of approaches — 4.
  3. Lying on one side, arrange a butterfly between knees. Very smoothly you reduce and you part them. The recommended amount of data — 40. The number of approaches — 4.
  4. Lying on a back, bend knees at an angle in 60 ° (feet in a floor). An expander between femoral muscles. An exhalation — data of knees together. A breath — a reset. Hands along a body, the belt is tightened, the head and a neck are relaxed. The number of repetitions — 40. The number of approaches — 4.

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For a back and hands

Muscles of hands and back demand other exercises:

  1. In a sitting position or lying lift an expander over the head. Squeeze and unclench shell handles. Exercise will be more effective if hands are straight lines.
  2. Position of a butterfly — near at hand, the basis to a body. Carry out bending/extension of handles an elbow.
  3. Bend hands at the level of a breast. An exhalation — compression of handles of a shell, a breath — a reset. Exercise exclusively smoothly is carried out.
  4. Standing, arrange an expander on a waist. Press one its handle to a back the left hand, and right — press the second. An exhalation — pressing the handle, a breath — a reset.

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For pectoral muscles

Pectoral muscles will help to bring the following exercises into a tone:

  1. Shell arrange so that its basis (cap) was directed to a chin. Forearms have to lie on handles. Squeeze handles data of elbows. On a breath slowly return to a starting position.
  2. Having fixed an expander on a wall, become to it a back and undertake handles. Hands are bent in elbows. Lift a butterfly to thorax level, and later lower.
  3. Fix an expander on a wall, get up to it a back. Take for handles and press them to each other. Departing from a wall, slowly part shell handles. Coming back, reduce them.

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For a press

For a beautiful press carry out the following exercises:

  1. Lying on a back, bend knees so that foot were set against a floor. The butterfly has to be one handle between hips, another — in the face of in hands, a cap to top. We carry out twisting. An exhalation — a case raising, a breath — return to a starting position.
  2. Expander on a wall, you, having receded on a step from it, have to kneel. Bend forward, having bent hands in elbows at right angle, and shift handles. After that slowly be unbent and return to a starting position.
  3. Get up to a back sideways, the expander — is fixed on it. Undertake the handle, depart from a wall and execute the movement similar to the cabin of firewood the axe (with turn of the case). After — the same movement on other party.

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Rules of trainings with an expander

Carrying out all listed exercises, follow the following rules:

  1. Be engaged regularly.
  2. Train not less than half an hour in day.
  3. Do no more than 2 exercises with a great effort.
  4. Practise not earlier than in 2 hours after meal, or in 1 hour prior to.
  5. Eat properly.
  6. Make sure that you have no contraindications to occupations on this shell (skin diseases, cold, problems with a cardiovascular system, etc.).

Important! Do not forget about warm-up before a training. It has to last not less than 5 minutes.

Butterfly — the most available and compact shell. It does not concede by efficiency to other exercise machines intended for a training of separate groups of muscles, but has a number of contraindications. Be engaged regularly, intelligently, adhering to all recommendations. And the beautiful figure will become a reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team