How to teach the child to ski

How to teach the child to ski

Cross-country skis one of the most remarkable devices for strengthening of health of children at any age. This this sport can do to each child and doesn't demand any special conditions.

To begin to ski the main condition - desire of the little skier and preservation at the child of positive mood and desire again to rise on skis is possible already from 2-3 summer age. Skis with the carving are suitable for the first driving together with the kid on well rolled ski track - they don't allow legs to slip.

The maximum length of skis pays off so - growth of the child plus 15 centimeters. It is important to measure growth of the child when choosing skis in ski boots. Sticks have to be not higher than the child's ear in length. It is better to hold the first trainings without sticks that the beginning skier in them wasn't confused. Further it is possible to give gradually, but one stick, and then - both.

In trainings the gradualness is important - it isn't necessary to overload the kid at once. If bothered him or just today there is no mood, at once remove skis. Otherwise on the next occupations it will have no desire to rise on the ski track. Allow the child to do everything that he wants on skis, - it will develop in him desire to train further. And if there is desire, then and progress in skills will be very rapid.

Falling. Show to the kid in the form of the game as it is necessary to fall correctly - on one side, since legs, i.e. the first legs, then the top part of the trunk begin to be filled up. Thus the body weight of the child isn't necessary on hands.

Walking with lifting of skis. Movement happens in right or to the left side by the perestupaniye from one ski on another. You watch that skis weren't confused.

Turns on the place with the perestupaniye of heels. It is necessary to carry out turn step by step: 1 - to lift the sock, to take away it outside on the corner 30-45 °, to lower; 2 - to repeat the same actions by other ski, putting it to the first.

Exercise "Scooter" is performed on the ski track, but one leg - without ski. At first the leg in the boot to make take-off, the leg on the ski - sliding. Subsequently it is necessary to achieve the greatest sliding on the ski.

Low stance for descent. In the beginning make imitation of the stance on the place: in the squat clasp shins below knees, at the same time hands extend forward. Repeat exercise on the ski track after running start. Further receive this stance on descent.

Braking by "Plough" is carried out by cultivation of heels of skis in the parties and data of socks so that they weren't crossed.

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