How to teach to float

How to teach to float

Many parents are concerned by the issue of training of the child in swimming. Swimming for human health is very useful and it is desirable to teach the child to float in parallel with training in its sitting and walking. Parents have to accustom the child to water, in the first months of his life they constantly are nearby.


1. How it is correct to float? childto swimmingIt is necessary to teach to parents from its earliest age. Only it isn't necessary to go to extremes, throwing the child into water and looking at how it will remove. Such rigid way can develop in the kid fear to water. And then he will definitely not learn to swim. The children's bath, toys floating around – here is how it is necessary to carry out acquaintance of the child to water. And when the tot will grow up, parents can bathe together with him, holding him. Then the child won't be afraid of water. Take for a drive him on the surface of the bathroom – most likely the child will be enraptured with it.

2. When the child grows up still, take him one nature closer to natural reservoirs more often. You need to achieve that water for the child became the ordinary environment. But don't forget about precautionary measures. Especially it is necessary to be careful if your child has the weak heart.

3. Don't let in water of recently eaten children. It is better to organize leisure so that hydrotherapeutic procedures went before having a snack and the main food. From bathing and the appetite will improve.

4. If about hardening the organism the speech doesn't go, then normal water temperature for bathing of the child 18 wasps are considered above. Colder water can be unpleasant for perception and even harmful.

5. Depth of water has to be on growth of children or below, but in any way not above. Besides, before letting in water of children, check the reservoir bottom for existence of sharp stones, sharp splinters from bottles and other.

6. You watch that children in water sweated didn't jump that they didn't bathe more than 10 minutes. And certainly don't leave children unguarded to warn possible tragic consequences.

7. Let the child try to imitate at first movements of the swimmer on the land, and then you can let him in water. Only be not too persuasive and don't fill up the kid with councils and remarks. If the child can't learn at all or is afraid to try, give him inflatable oversleeves, let puts on and with them floats. After a while they won't be necessary for him any more.

8. The game is in what practically all children like to be engaged. You see off to the training in the form of the game. Then the child will be fond so that he will forget about all fears and will quicker learn to swim.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team