How to teach to roller-skate the child

How to teach to roller-skate the child

It is quite simple to teach children to skating. The head from the book M. Fedorova "The Olympic champion in the first three years of life" which and is called "Rollers" is written to it to confirmation. That training took place easily and quickly, the child should be interested only, for example in the fact that it will be possible to ride together with mother or the father every evening.


1. Protection of the child – his health. The choice of roller skates plays the huge role, and it is worth approaching it with all responsibility. It is important to remember that the child or two will ride year with the set of rollers, and here the set of legs is necessary for it throughout all life. For this reason to choose rollers it is necessary with special fault-finding and not to forget at the same time that there has to be the good side support.

2. Also not to do without defense and the helmet. It has to be for parents as the reality as health of the child depends on quality of rollers and existence of the correct defense which has to be not just on velcros, and is made the stocking. Choose the good protective set.

3. To help the child to learn to ride well and surely that person who is already able to do it will be able to feel on rollers. It would seem that only such option can be only correct. But why then on streets, in squares and parks such huge number of mothers and fathers run for the children taking the first steps in this field? Parents prompt something, shout and ask to repeat movements after them, here only the paradox – they in shoes, and the child on rollers – "discrepancy"! To make everything it is correct, for a start it is better to do several not so difficult exercises which will help the child to get used to the new subject standing and to feel balance. Rollers should be put on and tightened correctly (about the defense you shouldn't forget). Then it is necessary to hold the child until that is able to put legs in parallel and doesn't move them back and forth.

4. After a little confidence is received, it is important to help to take the first steps, namely – to move ahead a little and back, to sit down and try to bend and be developed.

5. Surely it is worth showing to the child that on rollers behind there is the brake which can sometimes play quite big service. It is important to explain that it is necessary to fall also correctly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team