How to throw the ball

How to throw the ball

It would seem, the ball is something that can only be kicked and thrown in air. But isn't present, with the ball it is possible to do a lot of things. Here, for example, there is the set of games in which adults can play with children, and not only in the summer on the street, but also at home in winter time. The basis of the majority of these games is throwing of the ball. But it is possible to throw the ball differently. That to be convinced of it, get acquainted with some childish sports.


1. It makes sense to begin familiarizing of the child with the ball, using "tool" of the big sizes. Gradually the sizes of the ball should be reduced.

2. Get up opposite to the child at about a meter distance from it. Slowly drive the ball on the ground that your kid easily caught it. And now ask the child to drive the ball back to you.

3. Sit down near the kid, at meter distance from it put the chair. Show to the child how to direct the ball that that swept between chair legs. At first direct children's hands, and then let's the baby take for a drive the ball between chair legs most.

4. Get up near your child and push the ball on the floor. Let the kid will catch up with it and will catch.

5. Throw the ball to the kid so that it caught it. After that suggest the child to throw the ball back in your hands. It is recommended to begin this game with small distance and to throw the ball precisely in children's hands that the child with guarantee caught the ball. Gradually increase distance between you with the kid.

6. Strike May in the earth, then catch it. Throw the ball in air now and again catch. The child has to observe it. Having interested him, suggest to make the same. At the same time show him as it is possible to strike the ball in the earth that that fell into hands to the partner in the game standing opposite. It can be done, pokidav the ball into the wall that that rebounded from the floor and fell to you into hands. Let's do the same to your kid.

7. Show to the child as it is possible to throw the ball through the obstacle and also to get the ball to the wide basket standing on the floor/earth. The distance between throwing child and the basket should be increased gradually. Also you can teach the child to throw the ball from the hands raised up in the basketball ring. It isn't obligatory to run for this purpose to the gym. You can quite manage the toy ring of the small size and the ball going in the set.

8. Arrange houses the mini-bowling alley. The ball will approach any, and as pins it is possible to use cubes or even the whole houses from cubes. Such "destructive" occupation especially to liking to boys.

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