How to throw the tennis ball

How to throw the tennis ball

Big tennis - sport very beautiful and well-loved by many. However, in order that beginners should master it much and to train diligently. There is the whole complex of specially developed exercises helping the beginning athletes. The part of this complex - ball routine. It is necessary to learn to throw correctly the tennis ball to gain necessary skills.


1. Catch the ball in the right hand and throw it up, having made abrupt movement from the shoulder. Catch the ball both hands. Repeat exercise of 6-7 times. Do the same exercise, but you catch the ball already one hand which you throw up, at first on the fly, and then after the rebound from the floor. Repeat several times. Place the ball in the left hand and repeat the same exercise.

2. Catch the tennis ball in the left hand, throw and catch right when it is approximately at the level of the belt. At the same time the hand which you catch the ball has to be straightened almost completely forward. Change hands.

3. Throw the ball into the wall, make the turn by 360 degrees and catch the ball when it is at the level of your breast. It is possible to catch since summer, and it is possible after the rebound from the floor or the earth.

4. Throw the ball in the wall the movement reminding tennis cross. Catch it when it is over the head. Repeat 10-15 times.

5. Catch several balls. There is enough 2-3. Pozhongliruyte them. Serially throw balls so that they hit against the wall and you are quick to grasp at first, and then after the rebound.

6. For the following exercises you need the partner. Get up at distance of 5-6 meters from it. Ask the partner to throw to you the tennis ball under the left hand, changing flight altitude and speed. Train within 10-15 minutes. Repeat exercise, trying to catch also other hand.

7. Throw the ball to the partner, make the turn by 360 degrees, and then catch the ball thrown to you in reply. It is possible to catch as after the rebound from the platform, and on the fly.

8. Get up at distance 2.5 meters from the wall. Ask the partner to get up for you and to throw the ball so that it hit against the wall. Try to catch the ball on the fly.

9. Settle down on the platform the person to each other. The distance between you has to make 4-6 meters. The partner throws the ball diversely - to the left, to the right, forward, back. Try to catch the ball before it concerns the floor.

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