How to tie hands behind the back

How to tie hands behind the back

Sometimes for self-defense it is necessary to be defended. If you caught the thief in the apartment and managed to push him to the floor, then, before arrival of militia it needs to tie hands behind the back. This you will stop flight attempt. As to learn to tie hands behind the back?


1. For binding of hands it is possible to use the belt, the usual rope, the tie and other improvised materials behind the back.

2. To tie hands of the thief by the trouser belt, apply the double not stretching loop. For this purpose fold the belt double so that rough surfaces of the belt adjoined, pass it from above in the buckle opening. Then expand the formed loop, throw with it hands and tighten, having pulled at the same time for the end of the belt and at the same time rotating it aside that the belt didn't close the buckle opening.

3. For removal of the tightened loop densely clasp it over the top layer with fingers of both hands, make several movements in the opposite direction to tightening of the loop and weaken it. To define the party in which to untwist the loop, be convinced that the free end blocks the buckle opening. Here in that party also you twist.

4. In such a way connect not only by the belt, but also other objects having the opening: the dog lead, belts from bags, cameras and so forth.

5. Other way – binding by the tie. Quickly take off from yourself the tie, pull the available loop on both hands of the thief which are located in parallel. Tighten the loop, part the ends of the tie in the opposite directions and tie them the eight from below.

6. And one more way is the binding by the usual rope. For it use the loop nabrosy. Fold the rope double, then the right hand take from the ends, and open the closed end and put on fingers. Impose the opened end on the rope that is in the right hand. Big and also index fingers of the right hand put, clamp the rope and remove the left hand on the rope to the left.

7. Put on the formed loop to the thief hands, strong tighten it, at the same time separate the ends of the rope. Then the obkrutita them hands two-three times also tie the ends in usual knot.

8. Several times densely wind with other option of such loop the rope around hands, and pass its ends throughout in advance prepared loop. Then part the ends of the rope in the opposite directions, wind and between hands knot.

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