How to tighten buttocks by the beach season

How to tighten buttocks by the beach season

The elastic and tightened buttocks will never get out of fashion. The beautiful body – pride. Not far off the beach season, it is also worth thinking of the condition of the figure. The special set of exercises for buttocks will help you with it.

Exercise 1 This exercise can be considered the most universal. Everything that from you is required, it periodically to strain and weaken gluteuses. It is possible to perform exercise standing in the queue, sitting in the workplace or lying on the sofa. The minimum of efforts – the result maximum.

Exercise 2

Raising of the basin – one of the most effective exercises which can be carried out in house conditions. For this purpose receive the home position. Lay down on the floor. Slightly bend legs in knees and place at the level of shoulders. Hands arrange behind the head, having bent them in elbows. As much as possible strain gluteuses and execute slow raising of the basin. Be late in the final point for 10-12 seconds. Slowly return to initial situation. Repeat exercise of 10-15 times, taking the small break between rises.

Exercise 3 simplest, but not less effective exercise – squats. Place legs shoulder width apart. Hands arrange before yourself, without bending them in elbows. Execute squat so that the knee formed the right angle. Accurately return to initial situation. When performing exercise you watch that heels didn't come off the floor. In the return case the loading will be considerably reduced. Execute 15-20 squats at slow pace. You remember: when performing exercise the back has to remain the straight line. Exercise 4 Leg swings - not less popular exercise directed to strengthening of the gluteus. Get up on all fours. Try to hold the back throughout performance of exercise the straight line. Thus you will avoid different injuries. Carry out serial swings the straightened legs back as it is possible above. At the same time you shouldn't lower the leg up to the end. Delay it over the floor for 2-3 seconds. It is recommended to perform exercise within 5-7 minutes at slow pace. Exercise 5 One more exercise for strengthening of gluteuses – leg swings. Receive the home position. Get up on hunkers. Legs arrange so that in knees right angles were formed. Put hands on the floor. Execute till 18-20 leg swings, bent in knees. At the same time it have to be not necessarilynot necessarily rises up. Swings can be carried out also in the parties. It is necessary to raise the leg in this case to the level of buttocks. Exercise 6 Given exercise is performed from the standing position. Clasp the right leg with hands, having bent it in the knee. After that execute the forward swing. Slowly return to initial situation. Repeat exercise with the left leg. Be accurate, carry out all movements smoothly, without breakthroughs. Repeat exercise on each leg till 20-30 of swings. Exercise 7lyagte on the plain surface of the floor down the stomach. Connect legs together. Squeeze palms in the fist, having put them under the chin. Slowly raise the left leg up, without bending it in the knee. Be recorded in this situation for 5-7 seconds. Accurately return to initial situation. Repeat exercise on the right leg. Hold your horses. Perform exercise within 5-7 minutes, without forgetting about the correct breath. Exercise 8 Lunges forward – rather widespread exercise which is applied in various complexes as it involves work of several muscles (including buttock). Put legs together. Hands arrange along the case of the body. Execute lunge by the right leg forward. Be recorded in this state for 5-7 seconds. Accurately return to initial situation. Repeat exercise on the left leg. Experts recommend to carry out it within 5-7 minutes. Exercise 9primite home position. Kneel. Put hands on the belt. Sit down on the right side. Slowly return to initial situation. Then sit down on the left side. Return to the home position. Perform exercise within 7-10 minutes. Exercise 10syadte on the floor. Extend legs forward. Try to hold the back directly, without bending the waist. Accurately move ahead, using the movement of buttocks. Slowly return on the initial point. Perform exercise within 7-10 minutes. The general councils and recomendatsiipered the beginning of occupations surely air the room. The room filled with fresh air promotes the correct spirit. For the raising of mood include favourite musical composition. It has to be quiet, but rhythmical. Thus, music won't distract you from performance of physical exercises. Begin each training with easy warm-up which has to be directed to preparation of muscles for the main loadings. Thus you will manage to avoid different injuries. If you decided to bring your buttocks into the excellent form, don't forget about the healthy and balanced nutrition. Even at the maximum exercise stresses, but without your daily menu, you won't manage to achieve the planned objective. Remember that.

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