How to tighten the breast without operation

How to tighten the breast without operation

Eventually the women's breast get out of the shape. It can happen owing to age, because of feeding by the breast and excessive diets. To return former beauty, it isn't obligatory to lay down under the surgeon's knife – rather simply in time to begin to perform simple exercises and to care for the skin tone.

How to tighten the breast by means of exercises

That the breast returned the former form again, 3-4 times a week are important to perform the set of exercises directed to strengthening of pectoral muscles. Pick up couple of dumbbells of the weight suitable for you or just two identical bottles filled with water. Extend hands before yourself palms up and hold them in such situation so long as soon as you are able. Then lower, have a rest 30 seconds and again repeat exercise. At the same time every week try to increase loading that muscles didn't get used.

Lay down on the bench or stools put together so that the back and the head completely lay on them, and the legs bent in knees rested against the floor. Pick up the same apparatuses, extend them perpendicular to the body and lower as low as possible to the floor. Then slowly raise outstretched arms with dumbbells before the breast. Record situation for several seconds, and then return hands on the initial position. Repeat exercise of 30-40 times on several approaches.

Become directly, place legs shoulder width apart, and press palms to each other before the breast. Elbows at the same time have to be parted. Begin to press hands at each other within 10 seconds, then relax and again repeat exercise. For the first time execute 2 approaches on 10 times, and next time increase the number of repetitions a little. Execute push-ups from the floor or from the wall - it is one of the heaviest, but very effective exercises for pulling up of the breast. At the same time it is necessary not only to place elbows in different directions, but also to press to sides – thanks to it will be mentioned all chest muscle and hands will become more tightened.

How to tighten the breast by means of cosmetics

That the breast became more tightened and beautiful, it is important to care also for the skin tone. That is why every day it is useful to direct the alternating douche to the breast, and after it to wipe skin with tonic on the basis of herbs. Several times a week it is necessary to apply also nutritious cream which part vitamins, green tea, seaweed or apricot oil are. It is also possible to make independently the mask for the breast, having mixed honey with natural cream or lemon juice. It is necessary to hold it on the breast no more than 15 minutes. It isn't less useful to rub in skin easy massage movements in a circle the small amount of quality olive oil. However when drawing any means of the pacifier and area around them it is better not to mention.

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