How to tighten the internal part of the hip

How to tighten the internal part of the hip

Internal part of the hip is very little involved in everyday life For this reason, even at the figure tightened in general, this zone can look flabby. Regular exercises and the correct leaving will help to solve this problem.

It is required to you

  • - massage oil;
  • - essential oil of sweet orange;
  • - weighting compounds for legs;
  • - seaweed for wrapping.


1. On the internal part of the hip not to do you without special exercises. If you are far from fitness and sport, begin with simple exercises. Lying on the back and having pressed the waist to the floor, you reduce and you part the legs bent in knees at right angle. Control the muscle tension in the studied zone. Make 2-3 approaches till 15-20 of repetitions. Perform such exercise every other day. After 1-2 weeks of trainings put on weighting compounds legs, so exercise will be more effective. Carry out squats with the legs divorced on width of shoulders. Place emphasis not on socks and on heels. You have to feel tension in the back and internal surface of hips. Carry out 1-2 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions. If you have the opportunity to visit the fitness studio, don't neglect the exercise machine on which it is possible to carry out data of legs. Be not afraid to pump over the internal surface of the hip. Establish weight in 20-25 kg and carry out 20-25 repetitions. Try to disconnect completely during exercise shin muscles. To make the training of more intensive, don't add weight, and increase the number of repetitions.

2. Muscles of the internal surface of the hip look beautifully if they are rather extended. Regularly perform stretching exercises. If you stretch out, do this every day with the preliminary warming up of muscles. It is very effective for pulling up of the internal part of the hip of the yogi. Include several asanas (for example, the lotus pose, the camel pose, the star pose) in the daily warm-up, and these muscles will be constantly supported in the tone.

3. The internal part of hips is predisposed to appearance of cellulitis. If you eat is unbalanced, lead the inactive life, and at you - sedentary work, exchange processes in fabrics of this zone slow down. It inevitably leads to formation of ""orange-peel"" and flabbiness. Regularly arrange the Spa procedure in house conditions, placing emphasis on hips. Use the soft srub, for example, from sour cream with coarse salt. Such means will render the draining effect on the internal surface of hips and will make skin of more equal. After the peeling apply with the easy stroking movements any massage base oil to which 5-7 drops of essential oil of sweet orange are added. For pulling up of the internal part of the hip vodoroslevy wrappings are very effective. Buy sheets of the laminaria in drugstore or cosmetic shop, soak them in warm water, apply to hips and wrap up in food wrap. In the hour remove seaweed, take the alternating douche and apply the moisturizing body lotion to skin.

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