How to train endurance

How to train endurance

Fatigue – the scourge of the modern person. Daily cares sometimes force us to feel exhausted since morning, even sound sleep doesn't help. Several advice will help you intelligently to overcome long vital and sports distances and not to become exhausted.


1. Develop own training plan. Begin with morning exercises, especially if last time you saw the gym in the deep childhood.

2. At the initial stage physical exercises have to be easy that you entered the rhythm necessary for the main training. Let in the first week the morning warm-up will consist of simple exercises on stretching and giving of forces. Then add to it sports walking or just walk at fast pace.

3. Be engaged in any weather. On the second or third week of morning occupations add power dumbbell exercises to physical exercises, but be not overzealous. In total on morning sports occupations more than half an hour shouldn't leave.

4. When morning trainings cease to seem hard, find time for evening – the organism is already ready to them. Perfectly trains long distances.

5. Before passing to marathon cross-countries, take couple of detours at easy pace at nearby stadium. Record, what is the time you ran, without becoming exhausted. First you will hardly overcome two circles, without choking. Your task is to increase quantity of circles which you will be able to make, without testing excess tension.

6. Don't try to set up records! Increase quantity of circles gradually, surely warming up before the running. Diversify the training – jump through obstacles, do chin-ups, swing the press. Over time you will feel that forces at you become more, and it is easier and easier to overcome distances.

7. If you understand that time for evening jog won't be, try to move more during the day, refuse elevators, you go the part of the way to work on foot in accelerated.

8. Correct the diet. Refuse too fat and unambiguously harmful products, such as chips and sweet sparkling water. Try not to smoke - this habit won't allow you to achieve serious results.

9. Be engaged with pleasure! Let as the incentive for you the fact that physical endurance goes hand in hand from intellectual will serve. Office loading will stop being for you the heavy burden, you will be tired less and will cease to support often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team