How to train lungs

How to train lungs

People spend a lot of time for care for the appearance, including the choice of suitable clothes and exercise stresses. But very few people remember that lungs it is necessary to train too as thanks to it they are cleaned from slime, their respiratory volume increases, blood circulation and gas exchange of fabrics improves. The people who suffered the injury of the respiratory system and also had pneumonia or bronchitis, have to train lungs for health recovery.


1. Performing daily several simple exercises, you will be able gradually to train lungs and to normalize work of the respiratory system.

2. Standing raise hands over the head, squeeze the palm to the palm and twist them, bend to the left, make the deep breath and the exhalation. Repeat several times, then bend to the right and again make the breath and the exhalation.

3. Lying on the floor so that the thorax, the head and the neck were at one level, slowly inhale air, but the thorax at the same time shouldn't move, and the stomach, on the contrary, has to be stuck out. Hold the breath for couple of seconds and at the same time smoothly pull in muscles of the abdominal wall. Then slowly inhale the nose air, hold the breath and again exhale. During the first training 5 exercises there are enough, gradually add on one exercise, and in the month put on the stomach the small subject up to 2 kg for the period of the trainings. This exercise allows to fill the lower part of lungs with air, at developments of stagnation it is useful.

4. Perform the following exercise before going to bed. Lay down on the bed, relax and try to breathe as it is possible more deeply within 5-10 minutes. In such a way you will be able to calm down, improve blood circulation and to reduce stress. At first this exercise will cause dizziness, gradually it will stop.

5. Receive any comfortable position, relax, quietly inhale air the nose, for a while hold the breath then begin to exhale it small pushes of muscles of the stomach through the mouth.

6. Lying on the floor, slowly and quietly you breathe the nose, then sharply exhale, at the same time the exhalation has to be followed by the loud sound. Right after it stick out the stomach, at this time the middle and lower part of lungs by inertia are filled with air.

7. Regular trainings will help not only to train lungs, but also to clean nasal pass. And the movement of muscles of the stomach plays the role of the peculiar massage of abdominal organs that positively influences their work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team