How to train reaction

How to train reaction

Fast reaction is the answer to suddenly appearing irritant certain movements or actions. Speed of reaction is important not only at sports activities, but also in the usual everyday life filled with various dangers and stressful situations.


1. Distinguish simple and difficult reaction. Simple reaction is the answer to one irritant, difficult - on several at the same time. Also difficult reaction is subdivided into reactions of the choice and reaction to the moving venue.

2. For the training of simple reaction use the repetition method. It consists in fast repetition of necessary movements on the signal. Exercise duration - 4-5 seconds. Experts recommend to carry out 3-6 repetitions on 2-3 series.

3. The method of the training of reaction means the analytical training of necessary reaction in the facilitated conditions. The group of persons and also skilled the coach is necessary for such trainings.

4. The touch method of development of reaction includes interrelation between speed of reaction and ability to distinction of microintervals of time. The method allows to learn to distinguish the tenth, and in certain cases and the 100-th fractions of a second. The training takes place in three stages. On the first training perform exercise with the maximum speed. Time is fixed. At the second stage the exercise repeats, but training itself estimate reaction time then compare feelings to official figures. This stage well trains the accuracy of perception of time. At the third stage the athletes perform exercise with in advance determined speed. The result is fixed and compared. At such trainings of people studies free management of speed of reaction.

5. In usual life the person most often should deal with difficult reactions at which it is necessary to assess adequately the situation, to make the necessary decision, and then to execute this decision. For the training of difficult reactions use exercises in which use the moving venue gradually increasing the speed of its emergence, speed of the movement and also reduction of the distance of reaction.

6. Various collective sports and various single combats help to develop reaction. Also there are special sets of exercises on development of speed of reaction which the professional sports coach can advise you.

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