How to train speed

How to train speed

For the martial arts training in any section, there is the important task - to train the speed of kicks. And this component it is necessary to train along with force and the overall physical fitness.

It is required to you

  • - gloves;
  • - sportswear;
  • - makivara;
  • - pneumatic pear;
  • - partner;
  • - tennis ball;
  • - thread.


1. Work imitation of kick on the place. Speed comes only after the operating time of the technique which the coach or the workmate has to show you. Remember that for bitingness of kick it is necessary to connect footwork. Bend both hands in elbows: you hold one at the person, another – slightly behind. Deviate a little aside, having taken away the right leg back. Further sharply return the leg to the first position and as it is possible more sharply throw out the hand forward, at the same time having clenched the fist at the end of the movement. Repeat this exercise serially for each hand at each training.

2. Work with pneumatic pear. One more way of development of speed is setting of kick on this type of the apparatus. As a rule, such pear has the free wheeling, and at touch sharply hits against the top fixture. It exercises will allow you to develop improbable reaction. Take average pace and serially strike with both hands the pneumatic apparatus. Soon you will notice as far as the speed of kicks increased.

3. Beit on the tennis sword. This type of work is similar to pneumatic pear, but only it is much more complex as on the ball to get much more difficultly. Do the pricker the hole in the ball, pass throughout it thread and fix it so that the ball didn't depart too far. Strike several blows, and try to catch pace. Beit the ball not less than 200 times for one training.

4. Be engaged with the workmate. Now work kicks, working on boxing paws. Ask the partner to put on rigid makivara both hands and begin to beat them with serially right and left hand. Try to strike blows every time quicker and quicker. Also you watch that kick didn't resemble the makivara push. Try to beat so that your partner also didn't see the movement. It will be manifestation of skill which you will seize over time. Train with the workmate so each training not less than 30-40 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team