How to train the extension

For days on end you stay in office, and all physical activity comes down to walks to the coffee maker. Most likely, you already have the number of problems with joints and muscles. Such inconvenient static postural pose conducts to the fact that muscles are reduced, lose elasticity, joints lose flexibility. As a result the bearing spoils, blood circulation is broken, there are neuralgic pains. Simple performance of stretchingovy exercises will help you to prevent emergence of all these problems.

It is required to you

  • - towel;
  • - gymnastic rug.


1. Get up directly. Take away direct muscles as it is possible further for the back. Elbows have to be a little lower than shoulder joints. To complicate exercise, it is possible to rise in the doorway and slightly will bend forward, having bent hands in elbows by 90 degrees. This exercise very much helps those who spends the whole day at the computer.

2. Extend the right hand forward, and left slightly press on her elbow. As low as possible lower shoulders, it will make the extension of more intensive.

3. Lay down on the right side. Bend the right leg in the knee. Left bend so that to keep balance. Grasp with the left hand the right anklebone and tighten the heel to buttocks. You watch that the trunk kept the situation.

4. Get up on all fours. Place hands and legs shoulder width apart. Lower buttocks to heels, without getting moving forward palms. Then pull hands as it is possible further. This exercise well helps at the acute pain with the back.

5. Take away the right leg crosswise and back. Incline the case to the left. Extend the right hand over the head to the left. Displace hips in the opposite direction. Repeat for other party.

6. Lay down on the back. Bend legs in knees and put on the floor. Throw with the towel foot of the right leg and tighten the hip to the trunk. Now unbend at the same time both knee joints. Exercise very well is suitable, for those who sit at work much.

7. There are certain rules of performance of the extension: - beginning to carry out better the static extension. At this type of the extension it is necessary to fix the position in which there is extreme tension, for 15-20 seconds. And then slowly to return to the home position. - never stretch not warmed muscles. Before performing stretchingovy exercises, execute easy jog or jump on the jump rope. - don't carry out the extension breakthroughs. It increases risk of getting injured. - don't fade in the extension for a long time. Too long fixing of the stretched muscles leads to decrease in the muscle tone. - be not overstrained. In the stretched muscles the easy burning, but in any way not pain has to be felt. If you feel the joint pain, immediately stop the training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team