How to train the shot power

How to train the shot power

All of us anyway want to be big and strong. If big not to be given by nature, the exit one – to be strong. We can prove force by means of two techniques: wrestling and shock. The wrestling technique weighing seventy kilograms against the person whose weight passed for one hundred will hardly work, and it turns out that there is shock technique. To train the shot power, there are enough only several exercises which demand systemacity of performance.

  • - weight
  • - dumbbells

1. Be wrung out on fists as often as possible. At kick your hand goes on the curve from below or sideways. At push-ups on fists you train the hand, and it goes on the same curve, as at kick. Push-ups also on fists promote strengthening of bones and strengthening of the general shot power.

2. During the work on shadow-fighting or working off of kicks use weighting weighing two-three kilograms. Remember that the weight of this weighting has to be rather big that the hand was tired, and rather easy that you could stand all training, working with this weight and not reducing neither in the technique, nor in speed.

3. Pick up the weight weighing from ten to sixteen kilograms. Bend over it and take it both hands. Become straight, holding it in hand and strong squeezing palms. Get it for the left side of the hip, having turned the case to the left side and strong holding it with both hands. Sharply push out it the left hand forward and up that on the curve on the fraction of a second it hung in the point opposite to your eyes, after that provide to it to move for your right hip, still squeezing it both hands. Repeat the same exercise because of the right hip, with the emphasis on the right hand, without stopping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team