How to turn on the racetrack

How to turn on the racetrack

Occupations on the racetrack allow to support the organism in the tone, to strengthen muscles and to control weight. Therefore among home exercise machines the track is rather popular. In spite of the fact that models of different producers have differences, the principle of management of connection at them is uniform and rather simple.

It is required to you

  • - racetrack;
  • - electricity source.


1. Before turning on the racetrack, attentively study the attached instruction. In it all process including possible options of loadings has to be well painted.

2. If the track electric, then at first include it in network. In models where connection by means of the additional toggle-switch is provided, turn also it. The certificate that the track is included in network is the lit-up display.

3. To begin the training, get up legs on motionless side tapes of the track. During inclusion it is forbidden to be on the moving cloth in order to avoid injuries.

4. Insert the protective key into the special opening on the keyboard then attach the second part of the key to clothes around the belt. It allows to disconnect instantly the track at the rupture of contact of the key with the keyboard in case the person lost contact with command keys.

5. Press the start button and follow the instructions appearing on the display. In the majority of models it is offered to set weight parameters that becomes by means of digital keys or keys with "plus" and "minus" values. When on the screen necessary values are displayed, press the select button.

6. Speed of the movement is chosen by means of the increase button, it can have designation of the sign "plus" or to look as the triangle with the basis above. Reduction is designated by the button with the image of minus or triangle with the turned basis.

7. After the cloth started moving, get up on it and begin the training, regulating intensity of the movement depending on the level of physical fitness. Besides increase in speed, on the track the bending regulation function imitating descent or rise can be provided.

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