How to use magnesia

How to use magnesia

Magnesia is very often used in trainings of weight-lifters and powerlifters - people who should lift often weight, for the ordinary person seeming improbable. Sometimes it is used by gymnasts and other athletes. Despite the seeming simplicity of its use, it is necessary to know the basic rules which will make magnesia the effective tool.

1. Depending on magnesia use, it is necessary to choose the look in which you will buy it. The most common forms in which magnesia - liquid meets, bar and powdery. Everyone has advantages and shortcomings. But in each sport it is accepted to apply some form of magnesia.

2. It is necessary to apply magnesia where good coupling between hands and the apparatus is required. It is mountain climbing, gymnastics, weightlifting.

3. In rock-climbing apply exclusively powder magnesia. It is necessary to store it in the special bag. For the binding of this bag it is desirable to tie him to the thong or the backpack around the back. It is necessary to apply magnesia to the best coupling of hands with the rock (vertical obstacles). For this purpose it is necessary to strew slightly powder on the palm and to rub in it.

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