How to warm up before run

How to warm up before run

One of the most effective types of physical activity is run. It suits practically all and affects different groups of muscles. Professional athletes are sure that the warming up before jog is simply necessary, but amateur beginners can not know about it.


1. It would seem why warm-up before run is necessary if jog in itself warms? The fact is that people run, generally in the morning when the organism didn't wake up yet. Muscles are still cold and nonflexible that often leads to falling and dislocations. So importance of warm-up before run can't be denied.

2. If you run not on the racetrack, and in the park or at stadium, go on the place of jog intensively – it will be the first part of the warming up. If the stadium or the wood are literally across the road, resemble, having come to the place. Begin to move less intensively, gradually accelerating the gait. It is enough to pass 500 m the active step.

3. Make within 5-7 minutes of spin by the neck, shrugs, arms swings, side bendings, crossings of straight arms before the breast. These simple exercises perfectly cope with the warm-up role. When the minimum warming up before jog is executed, it will be possible to start more intensive occupations.

4. For the beginning runners it is necessary to double warm-up time. Execute 3-4 dozen deep slow squats, stretch popliteal sinews and gastrocnemius muscles, make several static exercises – "level", the pose of the snake, the mountain pose, the pose of the bent plane and other asanas from yoga.

5. The extension of the back surface of the hip is very important for effective and safe jog. If muscles of calves and hips are insufficiently warmed, the risk of the injury of knees will sharply increase.

6. Besides, warm-up before run has to include exercises for flexibility of joints. Don't forget that ankles maintain during run loading three times more than your weight. So try to execute at least 25 spins by feet and knees in different directions. You remember also special footwear with the springing sole and the orthopedic insole.

7. During run, not only muscles of legs, but also the back actively work. Not to pull the waist in the course of jog, make several various twisting. Be serially twisted in chest and lumbar department of the backbone, after each exercise returning to the home position and straightening the ridge.

8. To increase flexibility of the back during run, do "bridge", the camel pose, bendings from knees back. Also execute the facilitated program on the press. Don't save time for warm-up, not only the efficiency of jog, but also the state of health depends on its intensity. After the warming up start in run, gradually increasing speed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team