How to warm up legs before run

How to warm up legs before run

Run, undoubtedly, is one of the most useful and effective types of the exercise stress. However, that it didn't do harm to health, it is necessary to approach it intelligently. For a start it is necessary to learn to find enough time for warm-up that during run not to be traumatized and lower load of heart.


1. Warm-up before run is important for many reasons. First, in advance warmed and stretched muscles of the body are much less subject to stretchings during run. The same touches also joints – they become less flexible, so, the chance to be traumatized in the course of the training is minimized.

2. Secondly, it promotes blood redistribution, that is its outflow from intestines to skeletal muscles. Thanks to it the bigger amount of oxygen comes to them, so, the endurance of the organism increases.

3. Thirdly, warming up well affects work heart. If gradually to bring the frequency of its beating to the target zone, load of heart will be not such high. Especially it is important for beginners or before long and intensive training.

4. To do warm-up, for a start it is useful to walk just quickly within 5 minutes. Then it is worth warming up surely muscles of all body, since the neck and finishing with the basin. For this purpose it is possible to twist the head, to do elementary arms swings and bendings extensively. As during run are involved practically all body, it is only standing wrong to stretch muscles.

5. After that it is possible to start warm-up of legs. For a start it is necessary to execute articulate gymnastics, having made circular motions by hips, the shin and foot. Thanks to it coxofemoral, knee and talocrural joints will warm up.

6. Then it is necessary to become facing the wall, having receded from it on several steps and to place legs on width of shoulders. After that it is necessary to rest hands against the wall and to pull legs back, detaining them in the maximum point for 10 seconds. Then the same should be repeated, helping hands to pull muscles even more.

7. After that it is necessary to execute pulling up of knees to the breast. Besides, by means of hands. All movements need to be carried out slowly, trying to keep even breathing. The order at the same time has to be such: extension, delay and relaxation. It is desirable to repeat not less than 10 times.

8. The following exercise – lunges forward. At the same time each time it is necessary to squat below and below. Then it is necessary to sit down on one leg, having exposed another aside, and then to transfer the weight to opposite.

9. In the conclusion it is necessary to do stretching exercise of popliteal sinews. For this purpose it is necessary to extend one leg forward and to put it on some surface. And then to stretch all over to the sock, trying to lower the person as low as possible to the patella.

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