How to win against feeling of hunger

How to win against feeling of hunger

Probably, the feeling of hunger arising suddenly is familiar to everyone. At this moment it seems that with ease it is possible to eat the whole elephant. As a result hunger is muffled by what is near at hand. And near at hand for some reason there is always the greasy and sweet food. Or fast food, harmful to the organism. All this leads to the fact that the type of own figure in the mirror causes deep chagrin. However, too it is possible to fight against hunger, without making at the same time special feats.


1. First of all, balance the diet. You shouldn't receive all day norm for one-two times. In this case the most part of calories will settle in the type of fat not only on the waist and hips, but also on walls of blood vessels. It occurs because the liver doesn't manage to turn all arrived nutrients into kinetic energy. What the organism doesn't manage to process goes to the stock. The stock is lipids, fat cages. In a word, eat five-six times a day small portions, and you will hunger much less often.

2. Don't forget about the breakfast. The breakfast is necessary to sate your organism after the dream and to load it with energy which will be enough quietly to live up to the lunch. For this reason for breakfast it is recommended to eat the food rich with slow carbohydrates: porridges, muesli, grain small loafs. Slow carbohydrates will be processed by the organism for a long time and to supply you with energy.

3. Reduce amount of fast carbohydrates in the diet. Fast carbohydrates it is greasy sweet food, white loaf, confectionery. They are the cause of false feeling of hunger. If you eat the portion of fast carbohydrates, they will instantly be processed and will sharply increase sugar level in blood. It in turn will force the pancreas to throw out such amount of insulin in blood that you will feel brutal hunger again. In a word, if in 20 minutes after sweet tea with cake you feel hungry again, this hunger – false. And your organism strongly processes 500-600 kilocalories which just received. By the way, this slightly less than a half of day norm of calories for the woman working at office.

4. Don't refuse proteinaceous food. Squirrels allow you to cope with feeling of hunger and at the same time not to eat superfluous. Proteinaceous food not always has high caloric content. Fast meat, cottage cheese, low-fat fish have to be present at your diet. Experiments showed that people at whose diet there were fast proteins on average ate on 300-400 kilocalories a day less, than vegetarians. At the same time "meat eaters" didn't hunger.

5. Sometimes for feeling of hunger you receive feeling of thirst. If you painfully want to chew something, try to drink the glass of water of room temperature. Probability is very high that hunger will recede.

6. The hypothalamus is responsible for feeling of hunger and emergence of appetite. To awaken its activity, rather appetizing savor or the beautiful image of food. Therefore if you don't want to eat superfluous, hide food. First of all, from. In this case there will be less chances that you, having given in to the minute rush, will thrust into the mouth something very appetizing and high-calorie.

7. Very often women catch themselves on the thought: "To do?". As a result go on kitchen and eat something. The boredom masks under feeling of hunger. If you catch yourself on the thought that "to be engaged there is nothing, I will go the bittern to tea with buterbrodiky", the physical activity is necessary for you. Make several bendings, walk on foot or put the apartment in order, you will notice that something to eat desire passed into nothingness.

8. Notice that in the good company imperceptibly there passes not only time. Such portions at which in usual time and it was terrible to you to look are imperceptibly eaten. The person – the being public, and is always more pleasant to eat food in the company to him. If it is impossible to evade from the cheerful sit-round gathering, control yourself at these moments with special care.

9. Get enough sleep! The lack of good rest compensates the organism by increase in need for food sweet, salty and rich with starch. Not only duration of the dream, but also its regularity is important. In order that your hormonal background was as it should be you not less than 7.5 hours have to sleep daily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team