How to win at competitions

How to win at competitions

Each participant aspires to the victory at competitions. Otherwise wouldn't be sense them to carry out. However to achieve the successful outcome, it is necessary not only to be ready to the victory physically and psychologically, but also to develop special strategy.

1. Prepare physically in anticipation of competition. Such approach is quite justified as wins opposition against the strongest and the fastest, regardless of the chosen sport. It is important to understand, as opponents are adjusted to win too. They will also give all the best at trainings to approach in the necessary standard date of competitions. Do they are work to the seventh sweat and even slightly more to have some advantage and the stock of forces.

2. Study the opponents. Look at records of their performance. Answer yourself the following questions: • In what do they surpass me? • What weaknesses at them? • How can I use the abilities / preparation against them? • What their strongest reception? • What can I oppose to it?

3. Observe installations of the mentor. Kind of you well analyzed opponents, but after all your coach understands much more in this aspect. Let he will carry out the same work and will tell you as it is necessary to operate on the tournament most effectively. Even if your points of view disperse, don't argue, and trust in its experience.

4. Develop the accurate psychological spirit. Force/skill and tactics – only the half of success at the competition. Other half – your internal installation. It will define, the winner you or defeated. To appear as the first, you can't perceive for the moment yourself as loser. You have to not just trust, but also feel the victory all over and reason every second. Then you will surely come to success.

5. Give all the best completely, otherwise you won't be able to win. Only the unconditional devotion will allow you to win first place. It is impossible to underestimate the opponent at all. Always keep vigilance and don't leave him not uniform chance.

6. Make the analysis of results of the competition. If all the same it didn't turn out to achieve the highest step of the pedestal from you, then you need to understand why. Carry out this work with the coach not to repeat this result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team