How to write characteristic on the athlete

How to write characteristic on the athlete

Characteristic of the athlete – the official sports document with the review of the coach of sports activity of his player. Characteristic represents the description of competitive achievements, sports and personal qualities, training methods and relations with other participants of team. Positive characteristic on the athlete allows it to find the good place upon transition to other club, section or sport school.

1. Begin to make characteristic from writing of the heading "Characteristic". Further specify full name of the organization on behalf of which the document is formed, specify the information about the athlete. Bring in it the name, the middle name and the surname, date of birth, full education characterized and also specify in what sports organizations it consisted and in what time. Surely bring sport, sports specialization in characteristic if it is available and also degrees, ranks and categories. If the athlete has profile education, specify in what educational institution and when he studied, the profession.

2. Briefly tell about participation in competitions and the received prize-winning places and awards. Participation of the athlete shouldn't do emotional assessment. Specify dates of competitions, their full name won places and prizes in more detail. If data in this part of characteristic are enough, divide them into those which the athlete reached to the accession to the organization and those which he achieved in the sports organization. At the same time don't forget to specify once again date of the introduction characterized in club, section or sport school. Here specify sports progress which the athlete achieved in the organization, about his progress in sports growth. Briefly list its achievements in the organization, the received ranks, categories and degrees.

3. In the following part of characteristic write about internal qualities of the athlete. First of all treat them ability to adjust relationship in collective, to work in team. It is of great importance in team sports, but also is appreciated in individual. Note the athlete's relations with other participants of the organization, with the management and athletes from other communities. Estimate ability characterized to the leading and coaching activity.

4. Note the competition experience characterized, the level of knowledge of the chosen sport and about sport in general, existence of interest in experience of other athletes and coaches, ability to self-education, discipline.

5. Briefly tell about features of creation of training process, about activity of the athlete at trainings, about ability to hold independent trainings qualitatively, about ability to achieve goals precisely and in time, about ability to take the responsibility for failures, about ability to plan training process and to control the course of its performance.

6. Specify the purpose of its drawing up in the final part of the document, – in what organization it is required. Certify characteristic the signature of the coach, the sign and seal of the head of the sports organization.

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