How to write characteristic on the coach

How to write characteristic on the coach

Trainer's work very difficult and labor-consuming. Often it is necessary to write characteristic on the person who holds this position. Such document can sometimes be necessary also for the coach.


1. Study rules of registrations of all types of characteristics and choose that which will be suitable for the coach. For this purpose visit the following resource: It is very important to know regulations of designation of the addresses, putting down of dates, paintings and surnames. Write only 2-3 offers on each of the following items in characteristic.

2. Tell in brief about the work volumes executed by the coach. He has to be awarded positive assessment by this criterion if the coach visits all trainings of club, actively participates in life of the sports organization, comes to all meetings with the management of team, etc. If he skips classes, trainings, sports events, then in this case he can't give the highest mark.

3. Write how he can analyze events and make decisions. If the coach is always guided by logic, seriously weighs all facts "pro" and "contra" and receives on the basis of this decision, then he is worthy praises. Also it is worth assessing it positively if he seeks to solve the key part of the problem, but not its investigations. If decisions of the coach aren't always buttressed up actual by facts, then you shouldn't overrate him.

4. Mention also how the coach is able to plan and organize actions. The specifics of sports work always assume the large number of competitions, collecting, open trainings and other important events. Give it the good mark if he is able to calculate operating time of collective, to adhere graphics and to be the good organizer of above-mentioned actions. If this aspect at the coach limps, then hardly it has to be worthy enthusiastic responses. Point to over what it has to work still.

5. Tell of ability of the coach to interact with athletes and colleagues. It is one more important personal aspect which should be mentioned in its characteristic. It consists in ability to operate itself(himself), the actions and emotions. Leave the positive review if the coach can react positively even to difficult stressful situations. If he creates the nervous situation in sports collective, then it is worthy negative assessment.

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