In what danger of trampolining

In what danger of trampolining

Trampolining becomes more and more popular not only among children today, but also among adults. Such pastime perfectly removes stress, improves mood and even brings benefit to health. However the wrong actions on this design can lead to serious injuries that should be considered upon its purchase, especially if in the house there are children.

Advantage of trampolining

Trampolining is useful to the cardiovascular system. During such pastime the blood circulation improves, and heart, lungs and the brain are supplied with the large amount of oxygen. That is why such occupations promote also intellectual operability and improvement of memory.

Besides, 8 minutes of unceasing jumps by the efficiency are similar to three-kilometer jog, and 20 minutes of occupations on the trampoline replace hour of intensive aerobics. During trampolining, muscles of legs, hips, the press and hands become stronger. Coordination of movements improves, tension and bad mood leaves.

Danger of trampolining

Despite the obvious advantage, occupations on the trampoline are considered as injury-causing. The wrong performance of jumps of ability to lead to stretchings, fractures, dislocations and other injuries among which the special danger is constituted by injuries of the neck, backbone and head. In America, for example, the quantity of injuries from jumps is so high that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to refuse use of the trampoline in house conditions and even supports restriction of occupations on it at physical education classes in educational institutions. One incorrect movement on the trampoline can throw the person on the frame or at all on the ground therefore it can remain the cripple or paralyzed for the rest of life. The trampoline is especially dangerous to small children and teenagers which somersaults in the jump often try to make or to repeat dangerous tricks. And strict parental control can prevent little, to react to the jump and to prevent it in time it will hardly turn out.

As it is correct to jump on the trampoline

To minimize risk of getting injured during trampolining, it is necessary to buy only the high-quality exercise machine. For little children in general it is better to buy the children's inflatable trampoline reminding the bright air mattress. It possesses the safe elastic surface which doesn't allow kids to jump too high. The frame trampoline is intended for children is more senior also than adults, it allows to make quite high bounces. At installation of such trampoline it is impossible to forget about existence of the goal net at all around it which will reduce risk of getting injured. However even in this case it is better to establish it in the hole that edges of the trampoline were at ground level. No stones, sticks, trees and other dangerous objects should be near. Only one person has to jump on the frame trampoline, otherwise the risk of getting injured increases. For the children and teenagers having a good time on it the obligatory control stopping any attempts of dangerous jumps, landings on the stomach and the back, performance of the somersault is necessary.

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